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Monday, May 7, 2018

Zimbabwean journalist Appeal for financial assistance

Please do whatever you can do to assist this journalist.

'I hereby write to seek for assistance. I'm a Zimbabwean journalist. l do article writing, public speaking about the crisis in my country.I'm living in South Africa as a refugee. l face economic problems as l do not have any job.

Right now l have no safe place to stay as l cannot afford it. I'm almost homeless. I want to request for financial support from you. Any donation would be of great value. An amount $500 can help me a lot to improve my situation.

I would appreciate support from you. I look forward to hear from you soon. Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Collen email:'

Money for Medical Bills and to Purchase Airplane Ticket

Here is a very important beg from this writer who wants to buy an airplane ticket and receive enough assistance to take care of his family members.

"I am from DR-CONGO left my country since 1991, living here in Conakry Guinea without job I have been in exile for 26 Years.

Now my two parents are very sick in my village in the eastern party of my country I want to take them to hospital for medical care, so I need money for medical bills and to purchase my Airline ticket from Conakry, Guinea to Lubumbashi, DR-CONGO. Anything from $5000 to $15000 w cover.

My contact is Laurent MM ATUMBE. Mob: +224 622 580143

Saturday, May 5, 2018 Teaches You How To Beg for Money Online or How to Post a Successful Beg

Many of you have been asking about how to prepare a successful beg post or how to successfully ask for money online. wants to help you prepare your best stories, beg posts in order to reach maximum success.

Find out how you can write stories or prepare your Beg Posts at

If your request is not on, go to to find out if it is not published there. How to Post a Successful Beg

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Buy J. V. Presogna's eBook as a Fundraising Activity

Please read this great and interesting story from Mr. J.V. Presogna.

"I need to raise money because I live in abject poverty, but rather than ask for a donation, I am trying to sell an eBook to raise the money by sales.

Yes, I am asking that you buy my eBook for $2.00 instead of making a donation.

Buy J.V. Presogna's eBook now.

For the past several years I have lived mostly off of borrowed money, trying to make ends meet. Although I have produced more than 1,500 copyrights in 20 areas of the sciences and the arts over the past 47 years, I still live well below the poverty line.

I have been a published writer, composer and artist since 1970, and I do have my own web site. Yet, financially I am in very difficult times. At the time of this post, I have less than $200 in my bank account. I do not qualify yet for social security checks, and I become 66 years old on March 13, 2017.

You can easily verify my existence by using a search engine, finding my physical address in Portland, NY, and my web site on page one of every search engine.

I am 100% legitimate in all that you will find. I am in debt, and my mother passed away a few months ago, so things are not anywhere near where they should be. I would appreciate your buying my book to help me in this time of need.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cyberbeg Success Stories: Ask for Anything You Want or You Can Help a Needy Person

What We Do Best!

Post2Beg::Post Your Free Cyberbeg Money Requests helps you ask for financial assistance by posting your money needs stories. Economic hard times are a reality for most American families or the world. Post2Beg harnesses the power of the Internet and social media to connect your needs with those who may do something about them. Post2Beg helps you find solutions to your financial problems by asking for help. Why do you have to suffer alone? Nobody is going to give you a hand if you do not make the first move. So and should be your first places to turn to in dire economic times such as the ones we are currently going through. Good luck posting your needs and stories on this blog!

Click on the comment area to find all the requests from several people asking for money for free online

Please bear in mind that a human reviewer and editor checks each post. So just post one comment in the comments area below. It will appear later if it is approved. No automatic posting without reviewing!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Times Are Getting Hard for Caregiver Who is Taking Care of Handicapped Brother and Elderly Mom

Please find a way to help this amazing caregiver. Read her story below

"One year ago September 2014 my father passed away,, I had to leave my State of residence and my career to care for my brother.. I have been here caring for my handicapped brother and my elderly mom for 14 going on 15 months without any financial help.. finances are running out,, the govt will not help at this time.. we are at the beginning of the month and my family has already run out of money for the month due to bills and heat etc.. we do not have money to get through the tough times... I am going to ask that my full name not be posted.. We have no money for Christmas, no money for anything.. I am asking those who have the ability to help to give us a hand.. I have no bank account here and know nothing about tweeting.. anyone who can send anything they can have the address to send cash or money gram to the house or directly to Walmart in my town.. I know nothing about tweeting at all.. have little to no technology available to me.. Times are really tough.. I am a legit person with serious problems.. please let me know what you can do... thank you..."

Please find a way to help this caregiver at She lives in Lakemont, Georgia. She stated that she can receive money via Wal-Mart. Donors can also send money to her via Paypal. Once again, the caregiver's email is

Monday, November 16, 2015

Father Needs your help to take care of his children and family

I am believing your help to save my children fees to pay. I am real and honest person but once I lived good life suddenly changed my life into poverty of lost job and my property to save my life of debts still suffering from debts and not able to lead my family of three children to even feed them and educate them.

Please consider me and life to save my children future at least make them study.

I am neglected and need help to recover and come back into my life,if it happens I will pay it back from honest, so kindly consider me and do your best help to save me and family. If you feel I am troubling and make you feel other way please forgive me and I will not ask you again. Believe us and help us I attach my photo of belief for your help of $3345 to pay college and school fees children's please help us by your honest of help keep us in the world.


Caretakers Need Help Too

Help this caretaker

Hello I saw your ad that you will post a beg for people in need and I am one of those people.. I am not looking for a vacation although I would not mind one, my post will not be frivolous. It is out of the question since I am the caretaker for my handicapped brother.My life is busy caring for him since dad passed and I have had no income for one year and one month.. I am currently being housed and fed but the money is tight... I am not good at posting. and my needs are basic but they do cost... My story is that Last September I came to visit my parents in Georgia, USA I had a life in Florida I carry 2 professional licenses in the state of Florida that are now in delinquency due to no money feel pretty helpless, my career in a tailspin..I went from warm weather to a cold climate.. I have no winter clothes,, and need boots, the biggest need is propane, our budget cannot afford the cost of heating this year.. and Its cold already I have miscellaneous needs outside of that gas for my car. etc I have never been in need like this I have always been self sufficient and death in a family can cause havoc on ones life when there is nobody else to do it.. Maybe you can help me with a good post.. thank you Bonnie I do not wish to post on my personal social media... I am very very embarrassed about this.. thank you

Help Bonnie thru Paypal:

Help this Fellow with Spine Injury

Please share to someone who have kind heart like you

Hi, This is a very difficult for me to write but many avenues seem to have been closed to me so I hope you can take the time to read my story.

I am a young man living in straitened circumstances and in dire need for your financial support due to the grave situation in .

As I am the only breadwinner in the family, I have neither job nor other source of income to fend for me and my family which consists of Five persons.

I am unable to do physical work due to injury in spine.

I appeal to your Excellency to extend your usual generosity to me and hope for the best to obtain your approval as you always accustomed us.

I know this not a right way to approach, but i have no other choice, i tried lots of ways to survive but failed.

Help me to survive,

paypal :

If you can not help me directly, Please share to someone who have kind heart like you

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Story Media Companies - We Help You Promote Your Company's Story and Your Personal Story of Needs and Success

Thanks for visiting our Story Media Companies. We exist to help you mine your success story

We are a Social Media-loaded Marketing Campaign Success Story.

We help individuals, brands, and media companies create, market and advertise engaging, original stories at a lower cost! We use a series of tools such as social media, blogs, and ebooks to advertise and promote your story. That's if you do not have a story to submit to us yet. We can help you develop and compose an amazing personal story or a great story for your business etc.,, and --

Thanks for visiting our Story Media Companies.

We are a Social Media-loaded Marketing Campaign Success Story.

We help individuals, brands, and media companies create, market and advertise engaging, original stories at a lower cost! We use a series of tools such as social media, blogs, and ebooks to advertise and promote your story. That's if you do not have a story to submit to us yet. We can help you develop and compose an amazing personal story or a great story for your business etc.,, and

A Veteran, A Good Man, and A Father's Story of Needs

Please find a way to help this great man. His story will touch your heart. Read this story

A Veteran’s and Good Father’s Pain A veteran, good man and father is reaching out to someone for a little help, maybe some prayer and anything else positive that you can offer me. I am a veteran who served my country honorably, both active duty and in the reserves. I am also a very proud father and have always been a hard worker and employed, except for a short period of time when I exited the military. I have one child, who I am very proud of and they are in their last year of college, thank you Jesus. I am in need of a blessing, specifically a financial blessing. I am also dealing with an illness that can be life threatening, if not treated properly and if I don’t follow instructions and take care of myself. I am a good person, a great father and friend. I have always and continue to do for my two children as they finish their last year of school. My children are heavily involved in a lot of things at school and at church and in the community. I take care of their financial responsibilities, including car payments, cell phones, tuition, insurance, gas, etc. etc. I am not complaining about that, it’s my responsibility as their father to do so in order for them to succeed in school and not have the pressures of trying to work and find money to support themselves. Some may say that I shouldn’t, some may agree with me, but either way, it’s my choice as their father. I always help people, family, friends, even people that I don’t even know and especially children. I go out of my way, give of my time to good causes and I also volunteer here in my hometown. I attend church and I try to stay involved in my community and give back as much as I possibly can. Just as I am writing this note, I received an email asking for a volunteer, of course I responded with a yes I can help. I try to set a great example for my two children and I really and truly think that it’s paid off and that to me is the greatest blessing you can have.

However, in doing the things I do for my family and others, and an unplanned expense 2 months ago, I find myself in a terrible financial situation right now. I have gotten 3 payments behind on my mortgage. My engine is going out in my Nissan (478,000 miles) and need a new one. I need to get some work done on my children’s car and put tires on both of their vehicles and a few other things that need to be done to my house. I have not really slept in about 2 months, not knowing how I am going to get these things taken care of. I am not one to ask anyone for anything, but how can I get a blessing, if no one knows of my situation. I pray throughout the day for help, for understanding, for strength and encouragement, for guidance and I pray for the happiness and good health for my family and friends. I am a believer in Christ and I know that somehow, someway, it will work itself out. But right now, I am so down in the dumps, worried, sad and unsure about the future. However, no one would ever know because I keep my spirits up and always present a happy and positive outer person to family and friends. No one knows what I am struggling with right now. I try to always help keep people encouraged, happy and feeling good about themselves and about life. I am a positive person!!!! But right now, I really need some help, a break, some breathing room where I can lay my head down on my pillow, close my eyes and sleep, not having to worry and stress about these issues I am facing. I understand and I know that I am most certainly not the only one in this beautiful country that has issues and problems. But I need a financial blessing.

I am asking for someone with a big heart and the ability to help to please help me financially. I need between $2,000 and $5,000 to get through this and fix these problems that I have. Is there anyone out there that can help me? I have never done anything like this in my life and have always been proud and independent. But there comes a time when we all need a little help, a financial blessing as I call it and my time has come. Will someone help a veteran, a good man and father? Please! I see good things happening to good people all the time and I really feel like it’s my time, with your help. Thanks for taking the time to read this and please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Please know that everything I have spoken on can be verified, easily. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Please donate via Pay Pal to:

Thank you so very much!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Post2Beg Offers Moderated Freebeg Posts: Post2Beg Publishes your Free Beg Posts Moderated by Live Human Being

With an email address and a Paypal account, you can beg your way to a better life on allows you to tell a story about your money needs which you post in the 'comment area' such as below this post. Do not worry if you do not see your request immediately. The reason is that each one of your posts is moderated by a live human being who checks each incoming request to avoid duplication and nonsense. Only the best stories, the truest ones or those that sound real with a true need base get selected and published on this blog and group.

If you have a true need-based story, you can get it published on All stories and requests are moderated by a live human being.

Please make sure to add your Paypal email address in the content of your request or add your website which may have your own paypal account.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Post2Beg: Post Your Money Needs Allows Financially, Cash-strapped Americans and Rest of The World to ePanhandle for Free, with no Sign up Fees

Post your stories and money requests for free:

Why do you have to pay to epanhandle if you are already going through some tough economic times? Post2Beg: Post Your Money Needs allows you to post your stories for free. Cash-strapped, recession-hit fellow Americans or people of the world do not have money to pay a service to be able to ask for money. If they had money, they would not be on How about helping a neighbor without thinking about any return or payment in kind? Have we forgotten to be Good Samaritans?

We, Post2Beg editors, want to continue to make this service available for free. We want to help as many people as possible. We want to connect you with those who have some money to donate.

Post your stories and money requests for free:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Heartbreaking Story as Holiday Season's Coming: Please Donate to Yolande and her Family

Please read this heartbreaking story from Yolande about the financial hardship of her family. Please reach out and donate to her.

Here is her Paypal email: You can send donations to her through this email.

"We are a family of four trying to pay rent and have enough food to eat.

My husband has been out of work for six months and I lost my job due to layoffs and was out of work for two months. During this time, we were both looking for work I got hired a couple of months ago and he's still looking. He has applied to close to 150 positions and gotten approximately 10 interviews in person, by phone or skype, but with no success.

My income alone is not enough to support us. Since summer, we have slowly been going into debt, using my line of credit and credit card to supplement my income. We're now at the point where our credit has run out and we are short of rent, money for groceries, gas money for me to get to work and any other incidentals that my kids may require. We're behind on bills as well. We've had to sell some of our belongings (some dear to us) to survive.

He has taken a paper route to supplement our income while he still applies for jobs in his field and goes to interviews. We keep thinking "this one will be the one" and then it falls through. We still feel like it will happen soon, but until then, we need help.

I have a very hard time asking for help, but I'm starting to feel desperate. We are doing everything we can right now just hanging in here. I believe in paying it forward and will be back here to be a giver once we're back on our feet.

Please help.



Thursday, October 16, 2014

What is Post2Beg all About?

Post2Beg::Post Your Free Cyberbeg Money Requests helps you ask for financial assistance by posting your money needs stories. Economic hard times are a reality for most American families or the world. Post2Beg harnesses the power of the Internet and social media to connect your needs with those who may do something about them. Post2Beg helps you find solutions to your financial problems by asking for help. Why do you have go to suffer alone? Nobody is going to give you a hand if you do not make the first move. So should be your first place to turn to in dire economic times such as the ones we are currently going through. Good luck posting your needs and stories on this blog!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Charles Ranson Needs Your Help Now

Find a way to help this father. "Hi im Charles from houston Tx. I am a single parent of a beautiful 12yr old girl. I worked offshore in the oil field for the last 8 years and made good money. Four years ago i got a phone call from a judge telling me to come downtown a.s.a.p..I knew it was not good because a judge dont make phone calls. When i got there the judge told me some horrible things were going on in the house my child lived in and order her to be took from the mother and given to me and at that time me and my daughter knew little about one another.1year later i was granted full custody of my daughter and on that day she said dad i have a dream for us to live in a nice house instead of our tiny apartment. 4months ago i made a choice to leave offshore work and get a job on land because she needed more of my time because i worked 4weeks offshore and 1or2 weeks off on land and also mother had her while i was at sea so mom needed a break. So i left work cashed out my 401k ,got an apartment because the home buying was a nightmare with my bad credit. I paid up 3 months rent up front and 3 months up of car note, enrolled in school to become a nuclear medical technologist and looked for work after school.

Four months passed so quick and i still had no job. Bills were coming up so for weeks i begged to my family & every church for help but with no job they all said they cant help & some were in the same boat as me. With tears in my eyes i told my daughter we had to move out because dad was broke, and with tears forming in hers as well right then and there i was heart broken for us. The next morning were both getting ready for school and as were leaveing out the door the apartment mangt says she has to put a lock on the door. While shes saying that im looking at the parking lot for my car but it was gone!!. I called to report it stolen only to find out that a mechanic that i owed 150$ too for fixing my car had made a deal with a 3rd party for the parts that i thought he already paid for. He put my car up for collateral for parts from a third party i never !! ever!! agreed to.

The police wont help me, they say its a civil matter and a lawyer cost money i dont have. My car has been in storage almost 6weeks now & is 4,500$ as of today to get out. Mechanic i owe 150$ says he wants 400$ for late fees, 3rd party wants 700$ for parts late fees, storage place wants 1,500$ for tow and paper work fees, 400 for making a new key plus tax, $1,200 for 6 weeks of storage fees & 35$ a day untill i get it out, I think i only have about 2weeks left befor they sale it, plus im behind on car notes. This feels like a bad dream, me and my daughter moved in with my sister and her kids. I feel like i have failed on showing my daughter, all she ever wanted was for us to live in a house and be a family. I always told my daughter never to begg from anyone!!!! but i have no choice today but to begg. Im embarrassed as a man & father to be doing this. I think of al the things i did good in life like feeding the homeless because i wanted to, not because people were looking.

Good things like not killing the man who hurt my daughter, good things like finding a wallet and re turning it to the owner. Why me?? i done good things.Sometimes i feel like i can't go another day. But i remember to Never!! doubt in the dark what GOD told me in the light. someone help us! if not with money then help with a prayer. I just wanna get my car back to finish school and find a job and take my daughter places, i want our dream again, Contact"

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ask for Anything You Need or Help a Needy Person: Cyberbegging and ePanhandling Today - Free Cyberbeg Success Stories

Purchase a copy now from AmazonKindle or Kindle

Ask for Anything You Need or Help a Needy Person: Cyberbegging and ePanhandling Today - Free Cyberbeg Success Stories

Purchase a copy now from AmazonKindle or Kindle

The ePub or PDF publication of the best stories of financial requests submitted by people asking for help! Your story may be part of this ebook!

Ask for Anything You Need or Help a Needy Person: Cyberbegging and ePanhandling Today - Free Cyberbeg Success Stories

Homeless and Poor, 19-year-old Female Needs a Place to Call Home

Here is a heartbreaking story from this homeless female. Help her find a place to live

"My name is Kayla. I am 19 years old. I have a long story to tell, but I will make it short. My parents left me on the streets when I was just 7 years old. They just up and abandoned me. I never fully understood what happened to me that day but from that day forward I have never had anything of my own. Ive spent the last 12 years sleeping on the streets, strangers couches, under bridges or taking my stay to the fullest extent at friends homes. I was kicked out of highschool in 9th grade because i could never get there. I have no identification (SS card, birth certificate) which costs to replace. I don't know any of my family, I have looked for my parents but I have yet to find them. I have no money in my pockets, no food in my stomach and no family around to offer me any type of help or support. I have never been a begger, Ive learned to accept the hand that I have been delt but today, I feel like enough is enough. I am only a 19 year old female girl. I have yet to even to begin to experience life. I am not greedy, even $1s would help me. The only thing i want in life is to just a have a safe place to call home, somewhere to eat, shower, and sleep in my own nice warm bed. I didn't get a childhood but i've learned to accept that. I don't want pitty from anyone, all I'm simply asking for is to the people who have that extra money just laying around or getting dusty in your bank account, think about me please. I really have nothing. Im wearing flip flops I found at a lake. these are my winter shoes. I have no coat. It's the little things. I dont need to be able to afford brand names, thrift shops are just as good. I dont need a brand new car, a 20 year old car will do me just fine. I just want to make it through life comfortable. I cannot get a job until i have a car to go drive and find one. All i want is just to make ends meet. I have severe asthma, which my inhailer alone costs $75 to get, I have not been able to own one ever. ANYTHING WILL HELP! Thank you for taking the time to read my quick story, and god bless and merry christmas and happy new year.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Missionaries Who Volunteered in Haiti and Are Currently Teaching the Bible and Helping Dominicans in the Dominican Republic Need Funds for a New Vehicle

Hello, readers, please find this great story below. Help these missionaries help others in DR!

"Please help use raise $8000

My wife and I are self supporting missionaries, serving in the Dominican Republic. We have been here for about 4 years. We love helping people in different areas of life, we teach the bible but we also help out in construction projects around the Island. We had the opportunity to volunteer in Haiti after the devastating earthquake that rocked the country, as well as participate in a country wide recycling project helping Dominicans be green.

We have been able to impact the lives of many people, but unfortunately our little 1999 Daihatsu Terios is down for the count. Our work necessitates us having a reliable vehicle. We don't want or need anything luxurious but we do need something safe. Please help us raise $8000 to purchase a newer vehicle and help us help others.

We accept PayPal donations to

We want to thank all of you in advance for your kind generosity and warm loving spirit. Especially in view of the Holiday season coming up."

Please help these Self-supporting Missionaries in the Dominican Republic to receive enough Financial Assistance to Purchase a Reliable Vehicle!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Last Stand: Jim does not want his family to be on the street due to Eviction

Once you have read this heartbreaking story, you will find a way to help this veteran and his family. Let's pay back the men and women who have served in the military!

Here is the story Jim sent to us

"Hi my name is Jim. I am a 13 year veteran with an honorable discharge who has served during three conflicts. I recently got out of the Army in April 2013 I am on unemployment drawing $752.00 every two weeks. I do not receive any aid. My rent is $1195.00 a month. I have actively looked for work and have been unable to obtain a job paying more than minimum wage.

I have gotten behind on paying my rent due to paying for insurance that I desperately have to have because I have a wife with a medical condition. My unemployment barely pays my electric, water, vehicle payment, and insurance. I received a notice last week (Nov 8, 2013) stating that if my rent wasn't paid by November 15, 2013 the eviction process would be started. I have two daughters and I don't want to have to tell them that we are being put out in the street. I need help. I hate asking for help but I have no choice.

I have picked up Aluminum cans, tried getting odd jobs but still don't have enough to cover what I need. Any help would be much appreciated.

Please help Jim and his family now. "Hello. I was searching on the internet for help and came across your website post2beg. This is not something that I do all of the time and it is something that I hate to resort to but I have virtually exhausted all of my efforts in trying to seek help through veterans administration and other emergency agencies only to be told that I must be evicted or must have my electricity turned off before I can get any help. I do not want to let it get to that point before acting so I am asking that my story be told..."

Jim's wife's Paypal Address is:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disabled Man Needs Donations for Health Issues and Medications

Please find a way to help this gentleman. Here is the story:

"Hello everyone. I am 55 years old and have worked all my life until I developed an illness which after ten years and failure to diagnose has left me on Disability for the remainder of my life.

Ten years ago I was walking as I did each day after a long day in the restaurant where I worked. I began to have pain in my feet and really did not think much about it until it became worse day after day. I began seeing different Doctor's who performed nerve testing and multiple scans. I had cortisone injections to start which had little effect. Slowly the nerve pain climbed up both legs and into my right arm followed by the left arm. The pain was incredible and more and more testing was done by multiple doctors including teaching Doctors at UPMC and other places. I was placed on Duragesic Pain Patches, Percocet and Methadone as the pain became worse. A spinal stimulator was implanted as a last resort but was removed as it failed to curb the pain. I was forced to quit working and apply for Social Security Disability. During this time I had bills, including housing that everyone has. I continued to pay for everything by cashing in all my savings and all of my retirement funds. While waiting over a year for a decision hospital bills also began to pile up. Slowly I began losing the battle of the bills. One can only hold out for so long. Finally the Permanent Disability was awarded and I began receiving approximately $1200 per month. This amount was not much and so I had to decide what to pay and what not to pay. I also had to have several out-patient operations for which I had no insurance. Medicare does not activate for two years when disability is awarded even though the government agrees that you are and will be disabled for life. During the two years the bills just increased over and over. My home had to be sold as I could no longer make the mortgage payments. For temporary shelter I live with a sister in her home and at times I live in a home she rents when it is not rented but none of this is permanent.

After two years I was awarded Medicare which I do pay a premium for and also pay a 20% deductible on everything that it covers and it does not cover everything. My most recent one day operation was billed at over 84000.00 dollars to remove a Kidney Stone that was not related to my other illness. 20% of the remaining bill is payable by me. I make payments as I can but frankly I am broke.

Currently no cures are foreseen as the pain source is unknown and labeled as idiopathic in nature. Along with large doses of methadone I also must take percocet and also blood pressure medications. Of course my medications must come first in my expenses.

I am pleading for your help. A small piece of land will be given to me and I have found some Amish who are willing to build me a one person cabin type building on the land. The will do the work at their cost but it must be done while they are not busy which is winter and that is now. Completed the work and home will be approximately $40,000. No home can be purchased at such a low price. I'm asking that everyone who can make a donation please do so that I may again gain some independence and have a place that I can call home. If you can give a dollar or twenty dollars, anything is appreciated and will help me achieve my life again. I feel shameful having to ask anyone for money but I'm at the end of my rope. I must have a place to live as what I have now is temporary.

If you have a heart and if you believe that good things will come back to you in life when you do good things then please do this good thing for me. I am begging you for a couple of bucks and you can help me live the rest of my life.

A donate button appears below and allows you to make a contribution safely through PayPal which will handle the transaction and hold the money. Please Help Me. You are my only hope now. Thank you all so much.

paypal Email:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Officer Lawrence DePrimo Squatted Down To Help Homeless Put on New Socks and Boots He Bought for Him

A random act of kindness has brought fame and popularity to a New York City Police officer. When officer Lawrence DePrimo of Long Island, N.Y, ran into a barefoot homeless man sitting on the sidewalk (42nd street) as the world passes by, he knew he had to do something. He had to give this poor man a fighting chance as the cold season is already hitting New York. He realized that he could buy a nice pair of boots and socks for him. They were not any shoes. They are all-weather ones. A tourist from Arizona who witnessed this heartwarming story being taken place right in front of her decided to post the pictures online. The officer reached down to the homeless man and helped him put the boots on. Now that's what a true police officer is all about.
Are we not all proud of Officer DePrimo? Each one of us sees us in him! There are many other homeless and people in need everywhere we look! Reach out to give them some blessings!

DePrimo went into Sketchers and bought a pair of size 12 boots and socks for the stranger. The homeless man told DePrimo that he had never had a pair of shoes before. "Let's take care of you now," said Officer DePrimo who squatted down to put the socks and shoes on the homeless man.

What are you willing to do for somebody today?

This story should remind us that we can still have faith in others.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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