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  1. Hello.
    At us a large family, four children, the habitation isn't present, we live in the demountable house, the material income to us doesn't allow to get though not the big property, in bank tried to take to court but refusal for the reason not the big income. Who can can support, please respond. On life hardly we extend.
    We will be very grateful to you!!! Paypal

  2. To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Jean and I am a mother of three. I am married to William, for 4 years and we are NJ natives. I am a caregiver for my 60 year old mother who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure in January of 2011.

    In June of 2010 my mother came from Michigan to live with me with the intention of helping me and my husband by watching our children during our working hours. My husband and I both work very long hours, and the children would have been required to spend long periods of time alone. So my mother came to help us fill the gap. In October of 2010, my mother’s health took a turn for the worse and it was continually getting worse as the year progressed. By January of 2011 my mother was unable to stand for any length of time and was always short of breath.

    On February 10th I admitted my mother to the emergency room @ ACMC/Mainland. She was immediately diagnosed with kidney failure. She was admitted to ICU and on February 12th she had a cardiac arrest, due to toxic levels of magnesium, in her system. My mother suffered a sustained brain injury and to this day has a deficit she will have to live with forever. This deficit has taken away her ability to drive, live on her own, or be without some type of supervision.

    My family suffered an extreme financial crisis that is ongoing and increasingly more devastating. I was out of work on FMLA for 8 weeks without pay. I was given $1200 in disability payments. I was allowed back to work, but with a significant decrease in pay and a change of position.

    We have fallen behind in our bills in a catastrophic way. It seems the more we pay the more we owe. In fact, for the last week we have been without running water. Our gas has been off for three weeks and we use that for hot water, heat, and cooking. Our bank fees for the month of September have been astronomical (well over $400) for NSF charges and Service fees. This is just spiraling out of control. The children attend a local charter school and Pleasantville High school. Each child only has one pair of shoes and one uniform because I can’t get ahead of the curve to get them additional ones. The little ones need their school logo embroidered on the uniforms but that cost more than the shirt did.

    We feel helpless and without some type of help we will continue to be a homeless family of six. We are currently living in a motel on the edge of our town. This is a pay by the hour type of place but it is the only place that will charge us by the week and will allow one of use to sleep on the floor. We are soliciting any type of help you can give. Please be mindful that we are hard working members of society. We have been working since we got out of high school. We are not beggars and we are willing to give back in the form of community service.
    All I know is that we need help! Immediately or we’ll be past saving!
    Thank you,
    Jean Elam
    Atlantic Auto Group, 08234

    Paypal email @

  3. hi i really need help to buy food and clothing for me and my 3 kids, any help would be appreciated, thank you, bless you xx is my paypal, thanks again

  4. I have been laid off my job in March ,my
    dad came and lived with me since. He is in
    a very bad condition and i already sold
    everything i could just so that we can get
    by. I am asking for a little help we will be
    evicted in few days due to unpay rent . I
    promise to return the favour in anyway i
    can I just need a little help at moment.
    Thank you for reading

  5. Hello
    I am a single mother of 3 (2 in college, one of which may not be able to return August 2012) all of my children are gifted students, including my 11-year-old daughter, who is a gifted honors student! She is already talking about school supplies and loves school. I have tried to apply for "hardship" tuition for my children but everything has been based on my 2011 tax status, which I am obviously not receiving now. I am a Surgical Technologist currently on disability (which has ended July 2012) due to injury. I am at wits end and full of disappointment. With much hesitation, I applied for food stamps and was denied immediately. I have worked almost 30 years of my life in various occupations. I have NEVER asked for anything and have done very well by my children. Now that my disability and healthcare has ended, I am living in fear. My oldest son works part-time and pays what he can with the 20hrs. he receives at work and bearly has enough left over to go to work for the following week. With no where else to turn, I found this website and thought I would give it a try and that maybe someone out there reading this could/would help. I am not lazy and I am a VERY independent person. I just need a "helping hand" right now. I am a "closet" inventor and writer who has two (2) product ideas ready for production and development and a Reality TV game show writer. My show concept is WGA registered and I have a pitch ready to go! (Cannot afford an agent). Although I am out of work right now, I thought that I would put my talents to work and possibly get my ideas into the "right hands" and be self sufficient once again, while at home. I currently have over $30,000 in medical bills, which saddens me. I can prove everything posted here and my injuries are documented as well. Again, I am just a hard-working woman who has fallen on hard times and just need a hand. If anyone can help, or even point me in the right direction with my product ideas or TV show concept, it would be deeply and sincerely appreciated.
    Bless you all and thank you.
    Paypal (

  6. I can feel for you. I will keep you in my prayers and keep on praying to god. If you don;t start. go to church. if you don;t start. many church;s will help you out. they can be like a family to you and that will give you someone to talk to. hope all is well soon and god bless you.

  7. Hi,
    First off I would like to say thank you, if you took the time out of your day to read this! I am a 22 year old female in major need of money to find an apartment ASAP! I am currently without a job or transportation in order to get a job. I don’t even have a license to be able to drive if needed & the only job opportunities are outside of my small town. Even the bus-line can’t help me, there’s only one bus stop in my town & the route has been detoured due to a bridge being replaced so the bus doesn’t stop here anymore, & I need a place now, I don’t have time to wait to find a job and save money. I live with my mom & as of recently we are not on good terms & she wants to kick me out because of my older brother. My brother & I have never gotten along, he’s always been abusive. Yea, siblings are supposed to fight but they grow out of it eventually…not my brother though he takes it to the next level & doesn’t see anything wrong with hitting females. I had a friend over one day while my brother was at work & my brother’s girlfriend found out & started problems because she didn’t like my friend. So I got into an argument with her and told her to leave my house & she wouldn’t, my brother got mad and kicked my bedroom door in & attacked me. Then His girlfriend hit me, I tried to fight back to defend myself but my brother kept throwing me to the ground so his girlfriend could have the upper hand. I had called the cops but they sent a cop that my brother is cool with so the cop didn’t do anything about my brother hitting me even though I had visible proof, a witness, and destroyed property to show I wasn’t lying. The cops had told me that there was nothing I could do to keep my brother or his girlfriend away from me and said that I probably wouldn’t be able to get a PFA or a restraining order on either of them since my brother lived in the same house. Him and his girlfriend lied to my mom and told her that they didn’t touch me, that I beat myself & told her that I was on all kinds of drugs. Which I am not nor have I ever been, I don’t even drink! I tried talking sense into my mom, but she believed them still & said to me “this isn’t the first time he’s beat you, so why does it matter now?” Then she listened to my brother when he told her that she should kick me out. I am tired of living like this, I stay in my room all day long just to avoid them. I hate not feeling safe at home or being able to have the comfort of locking my bedroom door when I’m not around, because my brother thinks he owns the place so he will help himself to anything and steal. I have tried going to the housing authority for help but no such luck, the waiting lists are all approx.. 4 months – 2 years. I don’t have that time to wait. Im physically, mentally, & emotionally drained from this & I can’t handle it much longer. I need to move ASAP & am looking to get enough money to pay security deposit and/or first month’s rent (enough to get my foot in the door) so that I can find a job close by so that I can start my life, worry free! Now I don’t expect nor want pity but I felt like I should be truthful & tell my reasons why I need money fast, I hate asking for handouts of any kind & I’m usually independent & take care of myself but due to me being unemployed at this time & my situation, I don’t know where else to turn. Whether its money to help or just some advice, I would greatly appreciate it! Again, thank you so much for your time!

    PayPal email:

  8. Salutes,

    My name is Nimzaj Salinas, I live currently in Mexico and I am studying Computer Systems Engineering as a career, I live with my mother and my two smaller than me sisters and I would really like to help myself and theirs to have better conditions of life. I have many skills including programming, digital graphic design (2D & 3D), writing, accountacy, management and others and I would like to exploit these abilities commercially so I can get enough funds for granting one of my wishes in the future : Making this world a better place using the powers of art, science and technology (For that purpose I require adequated training and I am now on it, I am a self learner)... I would like to request money for the following purposes...

    1.- Register a company and sell digital contents, publicity would be really useful too (I already have many skills at digital content developing but would like to train for a month or so to learn more and develop creations to be used as samples and templates).
    2.- Help with school expenses and pay debts.
    3.- Buy several things that may help me such as a desk, clothes, a printer / scanner, a digital drawing tablet, a bicycle for transportation, grooming items, psychogical therapy, service fees and clothes.
    4.- Alimentation and transport help for my and my family (My mother supplies both, but she has to pay other things so I would like to help).
    5.- Potentially others.

    I rather than asking for free money I ask for a lending, which I plan to pay eventually (I can pay with money or if you prefer with a creation)... I recognize that I am somewhat lazy and tend to not finish some of my projects (I leave some unfinished and jump to other project, I have many interests!, I use to go to psychological theraphy and I would like go again to become better)... I also recognize I am intelligent, wise, kindhearted (I like to help others, for example my mates at school when they don't know or don't understand something), creative and tolerant. Any help would be really appreciated, even if it is only a little quantity or moral support, I think that $ 4,000 dollars would be really helpful for my cause, I promise to try very hard and I even can report my activities periodically if you are interested.

    Thanks for your attention.

    My E-mail address is the following...

  9. Good day...
    Im nalyn, first & foremost i dont know where to ask help.. I been working for almost 10yrs of a company before but i decided to resign last year because my parents were too old taking care of a married person have 1 son.. Me & my husband was the one who send my younger brother to school from high school until college... But now financial crisis arises my brother need to stop his studies because we dont have money to spend his studies and in our daily needs... My husband salary is not enough for us until i have friend introduce me for loan... I had borrowed money of 50,000 pesos last december..due to financial i only pay the interest of 7,000 pesos a month..until such time i dont have money to pay the interest..from december 2012 til now i must have to pay the interest.. Thats why im begging someone to help me pass this through... I need 100k pesos by this moment..if someone help i want to give a return thanks to you... I need that extra amount to spend to find a job..i need job also for in return i cab pay this amount in return.. If someone help me also to find a job for a honest from a filipina... Im begging someone to please help me solve this problem... Just email me or you can contact me with this email address: thank you & god bless you all...

  10. HOMELESS FAMILY resident literally on the streets no place to put on due to lack of fund to rent new place or tent, being up to 5 months things are rather messed up however my family is able to sleep in the street every now and then our tent broke but we managed to find another one but no money to pushers and no husband. We have duvets have two kids ages 3 and 5 hes in school 1st grade no money to their bill do job search and volunteer at a local clearing or church as a attended till i find a job. Other than that it’s going to be one corrupt Christmas is coming soon if there any HEARTS out there to help us for financial mess please HELP US. Be patient to do this for long now. I have no money to buy food to feed my kids. Sincerely a hopeful distressed parent any cent will be appreciate able to our pay pal account:

  11. My name is Jennifer and i am a single mom of an 9 year old autistic son and need help with bills. I am currently not working and we are living on a fix income i just need a little help so me and my son can move to a better apartment. Their always things breaking and the building manager never around and when i put work orders in they come when they want to and i am just fed up. I found a place i can afford but need help with the security deposit. If someone could help me with $650 it would be a blessing not sure how long the place will stay available but hoping someone will help. Thank you
    Pay Pal email is

  12. Hello Sir,
    My name is Amir, I think only God pushed me to send you my message, and I am sure that You would help me.
    I want to say frankly, that through whole my life I was dreaming to buy a BUS 14 seats, Toyota , hiace or care of my poor family, Mother, father ,wife and two kids...So please help me to realize my dream to get that mini bus 14 seats, and it could be a second hand in good condition. Please send me a money or a mini bus, it will change my life.
    Thank you for taking the time out to read this letter. God Bless you and give you a good health. Please take this letter into your cosideration ...I have no doubt that you would help me

    Please send me the money through the Western Union Bank .

    Full name ; Amir Ebrahim Omar Saleh
    Passport number ; 04676398
    Country ; Yemen, city Aden.
    Zip code ; 00967

  13. Hi, my name is Eduardo Ramirez, I'm a fulltime student and unemployed. I'm married and have two beautiful daughters. Moreover, I'm writing to ask for help from someone who have a pure heart and love helping people. Right at this moment im in need of money, im behind of my car payments for over 5 months now. This car I really need... I'm asking for $1500 to take care this past due.. My PayPal is

  14. I work fulltime delivering newspapers seven days a week . I have seven kids . Due to a medical condition that my youngest child has. I just don't have any money for school clothes this year. I have worked seven days a week graveyard shift for the last 3 years. I am a college graduate trying to be the best provider I can be. I believe every child deserves a fair chance all i need is enough for a pair of shoes,three pants and five shirts for each child.Please help

  15. Hi im here so as to ask your help sir /ma'am for my family specially my sister who in need of financial shes on college i 2ant her to finnish her study but i cant find a way to help them we are very poor in this society but im willing to help them for sake of future even i dont finnish my education but its not way for me to mad instead i want to help them to be succesful someday and in so happy to see that in the future and i want my family to help them also becouse we live in a province that the life was very hard so i think this is the apportunity for me to express my feeling to say it in the bottom of my heart some amount can change my life and my family my email thank u so mch have a good day and god bless.

  16. My name is Chosen. i'm 32 years old single lady and I live in Nigeria were I work as a sales girl. i live in small apartment. weeks ago my TV set got spoiled to no remedy and I don't have money to buy another one. television is the only thing that makes my house manageable & entertaining. please 60 dollars can get me a new TV set in my country.
    please kindly help me. email me-

  17. please help me im melody from philippines i want to ask help to anyone have a golden heart i want help because out house destroyed by typhoon i want to rebuild again because my old parents got sick because of cold weather please help us

    if anyone can help us just contact me
    my name is melody esteria
    my email
    my cp number is 09070793472


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