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Sunday, January 3, 2010

List of Cyber Begging Sites and Blogs: Ask for Money and Donations Online; Donation Requests, Donate Money (Still at its Grand Opening)

Here its pitch to potential users:

"With the condition of the economy, many people just like you are having difficulty paying their monthly bills. The challenges faced by people today such as job loss, unexpected medical expenses, inability to obtain a loan, rising tuition expenses, a family crisis or other tragedies, are often overwhelming. allows our members to explain their situation and ask for donations to help them get through their troubling times. does all the work for you, providing you with your very own web page! There is no middle man; 100% of each donation goes directly to the person asking for help. Those looking to pay it forward can donate as little as $1.00, or as much as they like. Depending on the size of your donation, it could be tax deductible!

Cyber begging, also referred to as e-panhandling, has been profiled by many news agencies including ABC News, USA Today, The New York Times, CBS and CNN..." (created by Eve who wants $20,000.) (Free Cyber begging: Cyberbegging, E-Panhandling, Donations...)

So far, these sites CyberBeg, Begslist and are the leaders of the pack! (It is the craigslist for beggars or panhandlers).


  1. Hi I'm Debbie I'm 27 and a single mother of two a 6 year old girl and a nearly 2 year old son I am a former ex state ward I was taken from my parents when I was only 5 years old i've lived on the street as a teenager and had a very scary childhood!!! Now that I'm older and not a state ward anymore I've found it hard to live scince the government and social services no longer offer me finacial help!!! I was homeless 12 months ago and I'm about to become homeless again for my crisis accommodation tenancy ends soon, I want to provided a happy childhood for my kids but I'm struggling finacially i am unable to work for I have epilepsy and a bad back due to my fall in a shopping centre when I was 6 months pregnant with my soon I was un able to claim and medical compensation due to cameras not operating to prove my slip and fall and corupted security guards lying about my fall!! I have lost my partner due to finacial pressure he has no job and has troubles paying his Own debits!!! I live on my own for I could not handle the finaciall stress but it's also hard enough for me with my kids finacially living alone. I hardly have any furniture I have nothing really!! All I need is a little help to set up a warm loving home for me and my kids and I will be thankfull to all who help us xo my paypal email is thankyou so much

  2. Rally together to show your support of a project that will provide homes (free and clear) to families in need.
    This project will impact the lives of many struggling family at a time.
    Be a part of this huge humanitarian effort!

    Follow these instructions... Go to each link listed below:

    1. (raise awareness & donations)
    This link explains the overall goal of the program and can raise awareness and accept donations.

    2. (support & become a Facebook fan)
    This link allows supporters to become fans of the program and get updates.

    3. (upcoming event & voting information)
    This link is very important regarding the success of the program and allows supporters to RSVP to a very important event that will take place April 1st through April 30th.

    This program will be entered into a contest that could launch it into overdrive if it gets enough votes from everyone.

    Each person can vote everyday during this 30 day period and it will take alot of voters to help this program win.

    So your support and help are needed to push this program into effect.

    I hope that everyone will help in promoting this program to all of your contacts.

    Let's rally together to "Make a true difference that will impact the lives of many families!"

    PayPal address:

  3. Please help me to reduce our mortgage so the bank doesn't take our house. I have roughly 6 weeks to come up with $20,000 in order to ensure my two pre-school aged children still have somewhere to live.

    All donations, even just a few cents would be gratefully received and much appreciated

    My paypal account address is

  4. I desperately need to get my car fixed...And by some winter clothes I'm 30 years old...I'm working and still try to run my own little thing on the side I honestly hate begging...I'm seriously asking.. I have so much stress and can not cope with it....Help is really needed...and maybe I will be lucky .... to get some help..Paypal account TX for the help:)

  5. hello friends i m sandeep from a small town of india friends i trust god more then myself but y god has done that y?my mom is really suffering from a kidney attack her both kidney is not fuctionaly well we consulted to the best kidney specialist in our town but doctor is saying that the treatment is really expensive he is saying u should have to manage atleast 5 lakh of rupees. i just don't know how we manage it i really don't wanna loose my mom pls help me pls .i m coming from a poor backgrond family my father is a handicaped person and i m the only son of them i stop my bachelor degree and started a job in bpo but thr i m just geting 170$ (usa) in a month that's not suffiecent.we sell our own leaving house for this and thr we get 1.5 lakh rs(indian rs).but we need atleast 3 lakh of rs more .pls i really need ur help pls help me if u will not helping financialy then just pray to god that my mom should be fine soon thanks pls

    my paypal id -

  6. sir/madam, my name is thrshna. iam sinked in debts. my bussiness has been collapsed. my close friend has cheated me. iam taking care of many street animals like dogs, cats, cattle, cows, bulls, pigs etc and some wounded birds. now at this present situation iam unable to feed them .iam sinked in debts. i made a surity signature for my friend and he cheated me and i had to pay huge amount of monet on his behalf. iam suffering from diabetis complications. now am in depression. i need $ 80,000 dollars of money to solve all of my problems. iam unable to believe that a miracle will happen and i get $ 80,000 dollars. i humbly request everyone to donate just one dollar. if 80,000 people react and donate me each one dollar , then my lifeless life will have a new life. for your kind donations my paypal address is

  7. Hello,i don't even know if and how this works.From South Africa..just a honest,single dad who has lost it all,fighting the legal system to get visitation rights for my little daughter.I don't ask free money..I humbly ask help to get back on my feet and then will repay every last cent with interest!
    Necessary documents can/will be drafted.If any one hears my plea please contact me on
    I live by this:
    "God but why did you leave me alone during hard times?..that's when I carried you my son".
    Cincerely yours

  8. Hello, I am in need of money to get an apartment to rent. I currently live with my mother who is not really a mother. I am 27, and I have a 9 year old daughter. My daughter keeps asking me "what is that smell mom?" There is drugs in this house and I hate this. I have no money to move out, I am just a college student struggling. My family are inconsiderate and drug addicts. I am ashamed that my daughter has to live through this and I need help to get out! I pretty much live in my bedroom, I eat when my mother leaves for work at night, I do not sleep well and I miss a lot of school because I am clinically depressed. I cannot even afford medication to help me with my illness. It is Christmas and I am the saddest person I know. I have no family here in the city, no friends. I have no one to talk to or no one to turn to. Please help me. This is my last resort to being normal. All I want to be able to sleep and talk care of my daughter. Please help me. My email is I beg you, all I need is about 1500.00 and I can move out. My life is falling apart and my mother is abusive, even to me as an adult. I am falling apart more and more each day, and at times I pray to God to take my life because I cannot stand it anymore. Please help me. Please.

  9. please help me, my father died a few years ago and now im responsiable for helping my family financially, i need to pay for schooling and help pay for my families needs, please help me and my family we are close to getting kicked out of our house because its so hard to pay for rent, any donations would be helpful, please help my family my paypal account is i didnt make the email my friend helped me make it when i was younger

  10. Hi there I am a 31 year old male from the UK. My girlfriend of 10 years left me 4 months ago and I am heart broken and homeless. When we met she was being beaten up by her dad and seeing the bruises got too much that I moved her into my parents house and quit college so we could afford to rent a house of our own. She is from Zimbabwe and lost her mum to aids. When she came to live with me I didnt know she was illegal in the UK. I know what people can think of immigrants but she is a princess. All those years back she was so so sad and between doing hard rubbish jobs and living on a single wage I had to take time off work to look after her. We would live a while on one persons government handout and then I'd go back to work. Life was always a struggle but we had so many happy days and so much love even though she left. Life got so hard for her after being told our immigration case failed and we both feared going to Zimbabwe. Lucky my prayers were answered and we found a good lawyer. It was just very unlucky she met some Buddhists that convinced her to flee the stress and live with them.

    I fear she had a mental breakdown because it came out of no the blue. The last emails we exchanged after she left I was told I had the biggest heart of anyone she had ever met and she thanked me for loving her. All that and she added life would be unbearable without me but I'm better off without her and she would die for me.

    I really cannot get my head around it but due to interferance from these new so called Buddhist friends I have nearly lost contact with her. They are discribed by some has cultish and I fear for her mind and life.

    All of this caused me to have a mini mental breakdown and I gave every single damn thing from televisions to pots n pans to charity and ended up homeless. its been one hell of a couple of months and I have lost my family because of my ex girlfriends illegal status and we had very few friends anyway. I have nobody just me and very few people to ask for help. if you knew me you would know I much prefer to give than take.

    I was contacted by my ex last month and during that 2 miniute phone call she told me the new immigration case had failed and she was feeling suicidal. I think thanks to the new lawyer she has one last shot at becoming legal. Its a nightmare because our case together was so so good it makes no sense leaving so close to the end of a decades nightmare. I was also told she is marrying a Buddhist she met recently. From die for me love to marriage in months isnt right is it. Well off record her mental health worker didnt think so. I need to raise any amount to get back on my feet. from bus pass money to look for work to $1800 or £1000 to rent a small place of my own would be great. That or to follow her to Zimbabwe if things go wrong for her again.

    I feel if I can get a roof over my head up me n my sweetheart might be able to solve this. Still maybe she is happier but I dont know what her new friends are telling her and whats going on in her mind and getting my life mended would be a start

    I would love her back because despite all this I know she loved me. even after leaving 4 months ago we had so much love and so many good times between the stress. I know I will always love her and she will sit in my heart and soul 4ever more making it both happy and sad.

    Proof of what I've written here can be provided via the last few emails we exchanged. Please consider helping and you will be updated and if possible paid back in the future.

    donate via paypal using email

    Thank you in advance for any kindness and compassion you show. peace love n blessings to you. Martin

  11. My friend is going through liver transplant and is in comma right now. She needs around $30000 USD. 14 Lacs INR. We have collected about $3000 for her operation. More help and donation is required. Please help generously. Save her life. her name is in Indra. You can check my wall post on facebook if you think its scam.

  12. I am a victim of the horrible economy. I have decided to go to college to get retrained in the IT field. I am doing this while raising two children. I am in bad need of getting my teeth fixed. With the lack of benefits, I can not afford it myself. In order to get hired, I have to get it done so I look professional. In short, I really do not know what to do at this point. I do not even know how I am going to pay my student loans back after graduation. I am currently holding a 3.77 GPA and am on the honor roll every semester. I also have perfect attendance throughout the entire year I have been enrolled. I have a year left until graduation. I formally ask that anyone who is in position to help to please do. I promise that any donations will go towards the cause that I mentioned. I hate being in pain and knowing that this might be the one thing that keeps me from getting hired. I want to work, but I can not afford to get my teeth fixed to help the case. Times are hard for me as is for everyone. I know I am not the only one on this site who needs this type of help. I am just hoping that I posted at the right time. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and God bless!

    Donations via paypal email:

  13. Donate To The Unemployed & Visit the "Bills & Broke" website

    Let me introduce myself, My name is Todd I reside in Chicago and I am suffering from the collaspe of the economy. I have applied for over 1000 jobs and have not had permanant employment since July 2008 my unemployment exhausted in May of 2010 & I am still not employed. I have managed to maintain with freelance work & short term contracts. I am looking for the support of the world wide web to donate $1, $5, $10, or spare change.... whatever you can afford to give. LOL Don't get me wrong, I have always worked but this enconomy has destroyed my financial status. I am now living with my dad, have no car, and is gonna be forced to file for bankruptcy. I am seeking donations in the amount of roughly $40,000 this will pay for my chapter 13 bankruptcy, allow me to rent my own apartment & pay my rent up for a yr, payoff a student loan get a decent used car and catch up on my child support payments for my 2 sons. Donations in excess of $40,000 will give me a nice savings until I find a full time employment opportunity. I hope you understand People are actually having hard times financially & I hope you will help me out & donate. You probably can't help everybody but you can help one person at a time starting here first!! :-)

    $700 a month rent x 12= $8,400.00
    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy $9,000
    Student Loan $12,000
    Decent used car $5,000
    Child Support Payments $5,000
    TOTAL $39,400

  14. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this iam a 17 yr old Highschool student just looking to follow his dreams in the Fields of graphic design but dont even have a computer with the ability to Process or run any programs more complex then my internet browsers i often use other peoples computers to do my designing i have lots of fun with it but recently my family has suffered a huge number of tradgedies, about 2 weeks ago my Grandmother was in surgery and their a horrific accident during her recovery and now she has to be put in a home we did that and now we are barely sustaining, then my mother had to be hospitalized about 4 days ago so at this very moment i am at home i have to take care of her and she cant drive i was never able to afford my Drivers license so i cant drive my self to school or anything like that luckily i have some of the best friends inthe world but that only goes so far i have been into graphic design all my life and now more then ever i need money i want to be able to get into a good college and do the best i can with some kind of equipment that would actually help me get a better job and so i can help my mom with the bills and hopefully keep my grandmother safe please anything helps. My paypal is as you can see the Name of the Design business i want to start so very much and with your help i would be able to do it! THANK YOU for even taking the time to read this. honestly God Bless you. Have a great day. Thank you for your Generosity.

  15. It is now my time to try to ask for Financial Help. I am now totally broke and can no longer send my wife for cancer treatment. Her medication has been stop already and i am in deep trouble watching her sufferings. I want to save her and it is only you kind heart people can make this happen. Please Donate for my wife! If you want to see her picture please contact me,

  16. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    we are a family of three and get 94.00 in food stamps a month and i have used all my stamps for this month and i have been to food pantries a week ago and didnt get much and you can only go once a month i have no food in my house only a little milk so i needed 45.00 to get some food until i get my foodstamps next wedsnesday thank you i do have paypal its thank you for reading my wish god bless

  17. My name is Kimberly, I am a single mom that works and I am attending school full-time. Unfortunately, I have encountered some hard times. I have had numerous health issues the past several months,which caused me to miss a lot of work. I therefore got behind in my rent, utilities, insurance is a struggle to keep gas in my vehicle, food in the fridge...I am not able to purchase all of my prescribed medication. I don't like asking for assistance but I need the opportunity to obtain a few cash gifts from understanding angels, so that I can catch up on my rent and expenses. The stress of worrying about keeping a place to stay,not having my medication,and providing food and clothes for my son and other needs is killing me. I would also like to help other moms with infants who have to go back to work after a few weeks by providing child care in the evenings and weekends. I would not charge as much as some daycare facilities. I need a few things to get started in my home. 2 cribs, 2 high chairs, play pen, baby monitor, pampers etc...Thank you so much for any help. my email and paypal is

  18. Hello everyone,
    I feel sort of ridiculous begging people for money online but I am completely out of options. I am a single mother/grandmother, I live with my 3 (25,18,16) children, and 2 grandchildren, and one displaced teenage girl whos father tossed her out on the street!!.She is a great kid and not worth tossing away, she is in her senior year of high school, looking towards college. She needs my help, and I want to bet there for her as well as my own children. The oldest with the kids, is recovering from the death of her youngest last december from SIDS. She is surviving, going to counseling and doing well, even started to look for work, but I am presently the only one working thanks to the wonderful economy, the 18 year old is in college, which she pays for herself, and the 16 yo is in highschool. So with the need for college and school being so high these days. I pay for all the expenses, I do work and hard. I have tried to locate even a second job, but having to travel an hour and a half one way to work, makes a second job almost impossible. I am falling behind on car payments, utilities and we are in desperate need of oil. Every dime I make goes into this house, I even quit buying coffee and quit smoking to save money. My boyfriend was helping the best he could, but he was laid off and has been for the last month and is now facing foreclosure on his own home. I tried to get assistance but they say I am not in the poverty level because the oldest two are technically not my dependents in the eyes of the government. I need to get ahead, so that we don't all end up on the street. Like I said, I am just an average person, trying to do my best, I just need a little help to get over this trying time. I dont really expect anyone to donate, but if you do, it would really help. My email and paypal are Thank you for even just listening......

  19. Hello, my name is Kenneth and I am hear because I have no where alse to go or anyone to turn to. I was once a proud man who had it all. I had a loving wife and 4 wonderful children, I had my dream home and owned 2 cars, I even had a nest egg for my wife and I to retire on.
    Then on January 12, 2011 a drunk driver took that all away from me in a matter of seconds. See my wife was on her way home after shopping in town with the 4 kids, while driving through an intersection a drunk driver ran the red light hitting the van dead center on the driver side witch sent her into the oppeset lane and then she was hit yet again head on by another truck. My wife and 13 year old son where killed apon impact and the three girls in the back where in bad shape according to police reports all 3 girls had to be air lifted to the trama center. It has been close to a year now and everything that i had is now gone, I sold my house to pay off the medical bills that the insurance company did not cover (total coast $ 586,423.71) Then I sold the second car to pay for the funeral coast and to get head stones for my wife and son (total coast $ 12,000.00) for that. My nest egg was all I had left but I could see that it was not going to last long with all the special needs that my 3 girls now needed since the accident. I have tryed to strech it as far as I can but their is nothing left, and now my worst fears are about to come true and that my girls who have suffered so much this past year and who has lost so much where about to suffer once again.

    So they are the reason I am hear asking everyone, or anyone PLEASE help so they don't have to suffer PLEASE I don't know what alse to do except pray and hope that their are kind souls who are will to help with what ever you can.


    Thank You and God Bless everyone

  20. Hello, my name is kimberly and i have never done anything like this before but i thought it was worth a shot. The things that i am wanting are not only for me but the people i love the most too. I was in the joplin may 22nd tornado and it has changed how i view life. The tornado made me realize how much my family means to me and to appreciate things a lot more. I was working at walmart that night when we got a code black and to go to the back of the store. We werent really taking it seriously because we never thought that walmart would get taken out. My brother called and told me that there was a tornado in joplin and that it was pretty big. I still didnt really think we would get hit. We were in a busy, populated area so we just didnt think it could happen. The power shut off and i told my brother that i had to get off the phone. Almost immediately after i hung up it got louder and people were saying that it was here. I looked up and seen the roof getting ripped off and everyone screamed and we got down on our knees and prayed. Things started hitting me and the wind was very fast. All i could do is cry, hope to c my family again and tell the people around me that i love them. We were in the middle of the tornado for about 5 min and it was quiet and people were thinking that it was over but i kept yelling to stay down for a little longer to make sure. We finally got hit with the second and yet equally terrifying part of the tornado. Something very heavy was on my back and i got hit in the head with something. Finally it was over and we were trapped. The metal beams were on top of us and it was raining and hailing very hard. The water level became pretty high where we were and we just wanted out. I found a small hole that i could put my hand through so hopefully someone would see it and help dig us out. After about 30 min someone made it to us and got me unburied enough to where i could crawl out. I started helping others get out and ripping open blankets to give to anyone who wanted one because we were soaked, filthy and freezing. There were tons of kids and people laying around thatt didnt make it and that could of easily been me lying there. It was an obstacle course just to get out of the store and into the parking lot where everyones cars were piled on top of each other. I am lucky that my only injuries were a broken tailbone and a few scraches to my scalp with debris embedded to my scalp. When i walked out i just couldnt believe what i was seeing and looking at walmart, i dont understand how we survived this. Everything around me was flat. I would really love to save up money for a shelter for my family. I am not looking forward to spring time and i never want my children or family to have to go through what i did. I would like the peace of mind to not have to worry about bad weather. I love my boys so much and i want to ensure their safety. I have been dealing with anxiety but am alot better with it. I think my main thing was seeing kids that were there and seeing those who didnt make it out alive. I am trying to go back to school to study pharmacy but my car started messing up a little bit, we think it may be the cadillac converter thats messing up. I need a reliable vehicle for school so i dont break down on the side of the road . I would also like to help out my dad. He is my hero and he is disabled and trying to rasie my 3 teenage brothers alone. He is an amazing man and i would like to help him out if i could. So i would like donations to go for a shelter and to help with college a little bit and to get my car running better and to help my dad. I dont like asking for help but here i am asking for your help now. Anything will help us out. I am just scared for my family and would like a little bit of peace of mind. For those who do donate to people like me, u are amazing and are doing a wonderful thing for us. God bless you and thank you so much for reading my story. My paypal email is I appreciate your kindness.

  21. Injured on my job 8/16/2005, fighting with SSA since Jan 2006 for SDI which is currently at the appeals court and I have 8 more months before they will decide. Husband passed away at a young age of 49 in 2009. I have no one to ask for help. Been living on less than three hundred a month and food stamps since injury. I am on section 8 housing. I have always managed to get the money to pay my bills through light cleaning or selling stuff at swap meets or on craigslist. No longer have a means to get stuff and take to swap meet and no sales or cleaning calls from craigslist. I am way behind on my bills and if utilities get disconnected I can lose my housing aid. I need new glasses as I can no longer see properly out of mine and I need a truck to be able to go to the swap meet again so I can earn the money to pay my own bills. As of now I need 2500.00 dollars to get caught up and get glasses and 3000.00 to 5000.00 to purchase a truck tag it and insure it. Having a truck will able me to make money to keep my bills paid were I won,t have to be here begging for someone to help me. I am very afraid with my disabilities and other health issues at becoming homeless and being alone. So please help with what you can. Anything you help me with is a blessing and I Thank you. May God bless you for your kindness
    My Paypal email is

  22. I am so very sorry for your loss, I am also on here to get help but I do read others needs and yours brought me to tears, I wish I was in a position to help you and your family, I will keep you in my prayers. May god bless you and comfort you and lift you in your time of need and get you the aid you so need for you and your girls, in the name of Jesus amen. Once again I am so sorry for the tragedy that tore your family apart. I am sure you will get the help you need . God Bless

  23. I am desperately looking to create an Emergency Fund for the upkeep of my beloved 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Tommy, due to unforseen changes in my circumstances. I lost my job last month, which was minimum wage, so due to the rising cost of living expenses, I found it very hard to keep anything saved aside. Tommy had an accident last month, so my redundancy money went straight to pay for the vet bills I incurred. I am struggling to find employment and make ends meet, and would desperately like to have some money set aside for the upkeep of Tommy until I manage to secure employment. He is my world, and I would starve just to feed him. He is a very loved and well-looked after dog, and I would like to make sure he never has to go without. Therefore, I would be extremely grateful for any donations received, no matter how small. Paypal email is for donations. Thank you very much.

  24. Please help! I live in Russia. Salary in Russia is very small - $ 100 a month. My granddaughter is sick, need money for drugs. Granddaughter's parents died in a car accident. I also need money to pay their debts. In Russia does not philanthropists. All I need 60 000 dollars.Please send money to a bank card to the following account:
    Kostromskoy branch # 8640
    branch # 8640/0093
    INN 7707083893
    BIC 043469623
    Corr. account 30101810200000000623
    Personal account 40817810129006202165
    To: Pimenov Oleg Alexeevich
    Please help. Thank you.
    My e-mail:

  25. I am Father of four and husband my eyesight is failing. Have Amblyopia or lazy eye and wet age macular degeneration. I am a tool and die maker and have forty years in the trade, my eyes are preventing me from working and have been supporting the family doing handy man work. So far it has been paying the bills but work has dropped off since November and my utilities are in danger of being shut off for Christmas. Me and my family need your help, the children, Helen 8, Grace 6, Matthew 5 and Patty 4 understand that we will not have much of a Christmas and we are making our own toys but I have to keep the water and electric on. Water is due to be shut off on the 20th
    It is very frustrating I have to put my ads in the papers but I cannot afford it. I am not asking for a lot just enough to get by till work picks up. Any kind of help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading this and have a good holiday season.
    Matthew and Heather Wojcik
    My email and paypal address is

  26. I've had a young lady come to me for help, there is a young couple expecting their 1st baby girl in April. The boyfriend is working but he only makes enough money to barely pay the bills. I'm helping the family by getting the word out that they need help so thar their baby girl can come into the world with stuff of her own. She has a baby registry on and all they ask is for someone to buy one thing from it. Even if its just something for 5 dollars. They would greatly appreciate it. Just go search Makenzie Stevens on baby registry search. God bless!

  27. Hello. I am a 18 year old who has been to hell and back, numerous times!...I'm sorry if this is a novel but...I really need someone to talk to and is how it all started....As a young girl, I had a fairly happy and normal childhood. Or so my innocent mind saw it that way. I had a normal family, a mommy, a daddy...and four sisters. My mother was my favorite person to be with. I was very attached to her. We all lived happily in Chicago. Everything was normal..until one unfaithful day..the day everything started going downhill...
    My mom was all of a sudden taken away from home to the hospital one day when I was five years old. All I knew was that she was very...very...sick, and had to be taken care of by the doctors some days. I didn't like it at all but my tears came to no avail. She was in the hospital for most of the next five whole years to come. One June morning, 22 days after my 10th birthday. A few hours later, we received a call from my sister answered..then I noticed a silence from my sister on the phone...then.......tears...? The look on my sisters face..mortified me. I knew...she was dead...I instantly started to bawl with a mouthful of food. The worst day of my life..
    My older sister made a promise to my mom that when she did pass away she'd take care of me and my little sister. My whole family went into a depression and my older sister and dad put most of the chores and care-giving to my sister responsibilities on my shoulders due to her needing to work and make money to pay off all the hospital debts. I used to be yelled at for just being a child. I had to learn to grow up after just barely turning ten year old..I had to become an adult.For seven years afterwards, I'd come home from school or from hanging out with my best friend and I'd be home on their curfue...and be yelled at(for no reason) by my sister who'd constantly accuse me of being a whore(which back then I was a virgin and never even had a boyfriend before) and who also tried to force religion on me and to make me feel guilty. My dad constantly accused me of being on drugs and I'd end up being beaten, if he was drunk enough, even if I didn't do anything wrong. I am telling the truth that I have NEVER even once thought to turn to drugs. I NEVER drank or smoked anything!
    After all of the constant yelling and them trying to beak me up with my boyfriend(who I was caught dating when I was 17) they disapproved of because he is not white or a christian; I ended up leaving my home. I moved in with my boyfriend and his sister-who after about two months wanted me out because I didn't make enough money to help with bills and was unable to find a job. I was, on numerous accounts. After all we survived through, we practically are inseparable and we are the best of friends:J. He is all I have and we are a "family" as he says. I like my new family more.
    We live in a three floor apartment complex owned by his dad and have been living without gas OR electricity for about 6 months now.
    I know this is asking for a lot but we are very desperate! We just need money to get us started and so we can afford to pay the gas and electricity bills and also buy neccesities. For now we are depending on $200 food stamps I get for the both of us each month but I can't stand ramen noodles anymore! I know we don't deserve this and we just need a lot of money from anyone who can spare a couple thousand dollars! Even a few hundred would be useful at least for a month or so! Or if anyone can give us good jobs that can pay decently that would be great too! PLEASE HELP!!! WE WOULD GREATLY appreciate it!
    Thank YOU so much for taking the time to read this post!!!

  28. I am trying to raise funds for my partner’s medical expenses. She is getting care from an alternative medical provider that is not covered by her insurance. Prior to this treatment she was either bedridden or in a wheelchair due to extreme pain in all areas of her body, especially in her feet and hands. Regular medical doctors have been of little use save to diagnose her with autoimmune diseases. This is the only form of treatment that has worked. We are low income ourselves and have two children. We have relied on help from outside family, but now those family members have become overburdened. I am hoping to reach out to the public for small donations that will hopefully add up to enough for her treatment. If you are interested in our story please see the link below for our fundraiser webpage. This page has a more comprehensive description of our circumstances. The address is:

    Please help her to stay with her treatments so she can continue to walk and be with our kids! Anything you can give will help, no matter how small.

    Thank you

  29. My issues are crazy. im almost med discharged out of the army bc I broke my back while serving my country. I cant makr ends meet. my boyfriend was laid off and we have been struggling everyday to make ends meet. we have 5 kids between the two of us and dont want them to suffer anymore then they have. looking to see if I could find any help for us till things get better. if anyone is willing to help please do. I want to marry my boyfriend but cant afford to do that either. something has got to give but in the years we have been together life has been tough. please if anyone can help email me. thanks so much!!!

  30. Hello i,m CALIE BROOKS
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  31. I am not one to beg for help but I find myself having to now. My husbands hours at work have been cut big time and our electric bill was due to be cut off on August 11 but the electric company gave me until August 28 to get it paid and I was able to talk them into giving me a couple more days to come up with the money after we found out my husbands job was going to be laying everyone off by the end of August which is tomorrow. My bill is 203 and some change. I really hope someone will find this and be able to help me I have paypal if you want to help that away and it is or I can send you any information you will need to pay the bill yourself if you want. Please can someone find it in their heart to help me with this bill more then helping me help my children so they do not loose electric it is toooo hot not to have air they have to eat please help us my kids are ages 9 months, 4 8 and 15. Again my paypal is or I will send you the information so you can pay it yourself.

  32. Things have really turned for the worst in my life right now. I was in the usaf and had to separate due to injuries and some illnesses that prevented me from carrying on with my career. I had to move back home with my family which barley have money themselves. I can't find work in my area and my bills are stacking up. I am in $35,000 worth of debt. I am trying to get my va compensation but they are giving me the run around. I am so afraid of losing everything that I have. I hope that there is someone out there that could truly be a blessing to me. If you could find it in your heart to donate something to me, I would be so grateful. You can donate to my paypal: If you want to contact me, you can email me as well For the ones that take the time just to read my story, I thank you for your time and consideration.

  33. HI,

    I am a sunni woman. I have a 10 year old kid and I am 7 months pregnant. My husband has got married to another lady and abandoned us in a rented house. He is out of radar since 2 months. I gave number of interviews but was unable to get a job due to pregnancy. I dont have any family support. The situation is becoming worst day by day. House rent, electricity bill, school fees.. every thing is pending. In next few days there wont be anything to eat. I am clueless about what to do in this situation. I dont want to commit suicide with my children.. I really need financial support for basic needs and maternity expenses. I will be thankfull if I get some help. Please help me.. God will help you.

    Axis bank account number : 909010043353164

    Waiting for reply...

  34. Dear Millionaire/Rich Person/Wealthy Person,
    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Saadia and living in Belgium, and I have fallen on really hard times.
    I appreciate the time you have taken to read my letter. I am a great fan of your philanthropic work and admire all the donations and online financial aid you have made in the past. I am writing this letter because I am in financial hardship and was hoping you could take the time to read my case and perhaps if possible give me a donation to help me get back on my feet. I could really use your help.

    I want to get a good education for my son so that he can do well in life. It is going to cost so much money, he is in his second year for engineer chemistry. I try to be positive as much as I can, then think thoughts and singing I am rich. But unfortunately it is not long for a few minutes. 
    Everything began 3 years back, heavy separation, ex away with all the money. I and my son have been left behind with all payments laywer and notary, meanwhile also my mother died that I also had additional costs of the funeral and retirement home costs, I have no brothers or sisters so is everything for my. I have a steady income but through all those payments and house rent I can't build my life back.
    We barely have any food to eat at the end of the month everytime. I come to you honestly asking for help. I dont even know what bills to pay first. Im implore you to help me out. I need some help desperately. Im so stressed out that I can't even sleep well at night or work during the day without thinking about all the bills that I have to pay. Please help me someone. I beg of you. If you can give me money, any small gift is a blessing from god or let me borrow 40000 Euro I'll pay you back. With the 40000 Euro is everything pay, also school for my son and have some money over to start a small business in addition to my regular job, but i dont have the money so if u can help us, we will glad and God will bless you. I know and feel that there are good rich people with a good heart. I really need money so that I can get my life back in order. I have been looking everywhere with banks for a loan but unfortunately because I am single I get no loan in Belgium.
    I'm sure you get many requests asking for money, so I certainly understand if simply cannot help me out. If you are able to help us you can contact me at this email address or paypal :  I would appreciate any help and would be truly grateful.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

  35. is my email address. I'm an African young woman who has lived in poverty all my life. I need help of 3500US dollars to start a business that will help me take care of me and my family. Help me please. I'm waiting to hear from any good hearted person out there . God bless you.

  36. Please Save Ukrainian family from Russian aggression
    I apologize for literacy because translated through an interpreter .
    I live in Ukraine in Donetsk. I have a wife and small child. Now we have a real war! It's some terrible dream! I could not imagine that in our peaceful country, this can happen. Across the border with Russia we were constantly break militants. Every day shoot, shooting can occur anywhere in the city. I go to work every day and the wife escorts both the war. It's really scary. I forbade wife to go out because i very worried about her, my daughter can not attend kindergarten, it is closed. We do not want to leave the Ukraine, we love our country, but in Donetsk created inhuman conditions. Over us every day flying fighter jets! Glass tremble. I just despair that can not now ensure the safety of my family. I have always worked honestly, but do not have enough savings to move to another area of Ukraine. I really want to move my family to the western or central Ukraine. But I did not have enough money for housing. We certainly do not pretend to be something expensive , I miss 25000-30000 dollars to buy a small apartment. The problem is that now it is impossible to sell our apartment, who need it in that shell? And the price she is quite small. I am very ashamed and uncomfortable that I ask for help , but when it comes to the safety of the family, have to take your pride aside. I'm indifferent to lay somewhere else this request. I am not guided in the American sites. I will be eternally grateful for all the help! Because there is nothing more precious than human life. God forbid you to go through military action, I wish you nothing but peace! - payza - PayPal

  37. Hello

    I will try to keep it Short.

    In the past few years plenty things happened to me

    My brother died at a young age

    I was abducted by a criminal gang and released

    after 5 hours after they stole my car, my house keys ,

    credit cards and jewelries valuables from my house

    including cash (total damage = 29,000 US dollars)

    Then my Partner sold our house whilst i was abroad visiting

    my sick mother (without my knowledge)

    Now i have a new family but struggling to make ends meet.

    My ex partner left me with a large amount of debts

    (doing things behind my back)

    I am praying for anybody who is able to donate any amount

    to kindly extend a donation or share their kindness.

    Until i got poor i was always the one donating to Charity

    (red cross , doctors without boarders, cancer research ngo's etc)

    Now i find myself on the other side.

    And i have brought good luck to people before but now its me

    who is in need.

    Thanking you in Advance for Understanding


    Paypal Account :

  38. Ravi - please save me and my familyJune 2, 2014 at 12:47 PM

    Hi, I am Ravi, 39 years based out of Mumbai India. I have run into huge debts and since last 6 years; whatever have been earning has been going to these loan sharks in interest, principal remaining there and mounting further to meet my basic needs. Have had various opportunities to make money the wrong way but the conscience never allowed. Hace tried taking further low interest loans, consolidating existing loans but to no respite, instead have been duped and conned always. Also tried on option of donating kidney but that attwmpt also went in vain.

    I have two kids and their school fees for last two quarters remains unpaid, new session about to starr and they may not be allowed entry. Rent / electricity like basic things are unpaid for few months.

    I just need a debt free life, once i am able to clear these guys. I can make a rwasonable earning for my lovely family.

    I am really ashamed to resort to such a step of begging, but have left with no other option. My total liabilities are close to 50 lakhs INR.Please please please if sone of you can spare a bit of your disposable income to come together and help me, i will be really grateful to all those for granting me a second life.

    My paypal id :

  39. please help me, i need to pay $4000 off my fees and i have until the 10th of september to pay it off, its very hard when you earn a low income, and thats a lot of money to come up with when you think about it, i cant even raise money to get my licence because of this, i dont want to get a loan because i don't want to risk paying a high fee, i didnt know to turn to for help, all i need is a miracle or something that will make my wish to come true, and my wish is for you to help me out with your spirits.Thank you for giving up your time to read this
    my paypal is

  40. Please send me a dollar to help pay debt, car repairs and give my kids a decent Christmas.

  41. I started life abused by my alcoholic mother, from the age of 3 I was cleaning, cooking and beaten if I didn't get it right. Finally at 15 I was fostered, a month later I was raped by my foster carer, I couldn't say anything for fear they would put me back with my mum.

    So I ate and put on weight so I wasn't appealing. But the rape continued for nearly 10 more years till I got married and my husband and I confronted my foster carer and his wife. We had a daughter then a son, but he was born with meningitis and his heart stopped with him in my arms, we rushed to hospital but the damage to his brain was complete. To this day he is special needs.

    I then had a car accident, which damaged my spine, 2 discs replaced with a third needing to be done. Exercise is so painful and some gym equipment I am not allowed to use, yet so far I have lost close to 42lbs (3 stone). Which is great but I now have a large skirt of fat, which is unsightly and affects exercise as it swings and moves making me self conscious, meaning I am only able to use the gym during quiet periods.

    So I need a tummy tuck, so please help towards the cost of surgery so I can have a better way of life and spend time with the kids in the play park like normal moms.

    Many thanks in advance for your kind support and generosity.

    My PayPal account:


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