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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cyberbeg Success Stories: Ask for Anything You Want or You Can Help a Needy Person

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Post2Beg::Post Your Free Cyberbeg Money Requests helps you ask for financial assistance by posting your money needs stories. Economic hard times are a reality for most American families or the world. Post2Beg harnesses the power of the Internet and social media to connect your needs with those who may do something about them. Post2Beg helps you find solutions to your financial problems by asking for help. Why do you have to suffer alone? Nobody is going to give you a hand if you do not make the first move. So and should be your first places to turn to in dire economic times such as the ones we are currently going through. Good luck posting your needs and stories on this blog!

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  1. I am Mr Jerry from Nigeria, i need money to take care of my child medical expenses.He was involed in a motor accident January15,2010.a operation will be carried out soon to save his life,please i need $20,000 for treatment before 1Feb in other for him not to lose his life pleasethis is my email addresse

  2. i need $5000 to go on holiday as i have depression from being raped in 2009. i wanted to earn the money myself. but i found out there is a supernatural convention on may 8th 2010. i really would like to go to that as i love the show and it would be a great opportunity for me. i need the money cause i live in new zealand but the convention is in sydney australia.send an email to and i will send you my bank payment details also i will donate to people one by one that donated to me ill donate back in full once i get back

  3. Please help me find a good home for Brownie and her puppies. Brownie needs $400 every month. I found these stray dogs at a warehouse near office and they are at risk of being abused by people around them. Please take time to read Brownie's heartbreaking story at and help Brownie with your donation. Brownie and her 2 puppies need food,safe cage, vet vaccination and vitamins.
    If you feel a calling to help me for a bigger cause, which is to build a safe shelter for neglected animals, please contact me. I need 70,000-100,000 to establish shelter.

  4. I am not one to ask for help, but i will do anything to go see my daughter. Here is my story.
    Almost 20 years ago my ex an i had a daughter, I was one happy dad then things happend and we broke up she moved to Toronto with the baby when she was just over a year old. I tried to keep contact and then any mail i send come back to me. I have been looking for my daughter for almost 18 years then one day i log onto facebook and i had an email from her saying she is fine and would love to meet up with me. I would love it if someone could please help me reunite with my daughter. The trip will cost about $3500.00 and i just do not have that kind of cash, so please please help me.

  5. I'm writtng to ask for help.The home we were buying from a so called friend turned out not to be his place.We put a down payment down and pay two hundred a month for almost two years.We had to move out and lost all our money.We are now staying with in laws,and its not working out.We try to sve money but that don't work when i just had surgery and i can't go back to work yet.We are tring to buy a lot and an rv or camper to stay in.We need about 3500.00 to do all this.Please help anything you can do we help please send it to lesley england,2704 coventry gardens dr.,north vernon,in.47265.Thank you.

  6. I am a single mother of 3 children, ages 3, 12, and 14. My husband recently passed due to cancer. I am struggling and have no where else to turn. I was laid off from my job and now I am facing eviction. Both my parents have passed and I have no siblings. My car has broke down and I can not afford to repair it. I am at my ropes end. I don't know where to turn or who to ask.. Please any financial help can be deposited in my account at ant US Bank acct# 153151438980. Any contribution will help..

    God Bless you and I pray for help..

  7. now my life is in darkness -full of debts. my health is not well. suffering from diabetis complications and lung diseases. further iam taking care of street animals. i need money to build a shelter for them and i need money to clear my debts. i need $ 80,000 dollarsimmediately. iam in depression that nobody is helping me. everything seems to be dark. i pity myself. if everyone donates one dollar for me and if 80,000 people donate me one dollar then my lifeless life will have a new life. please donate one dollar please. my paypal email address is

  8. iam senthil from india i have no money to spend my life, iam married ihave beautyfull and happy one baby
    and one more in pergnent i am good hard worker ,
    and i have a full i idea to do business, but i have no money , in my state real estate
    businesses is going very very good , so any members help me 25000$ i
    return back in just one year and i make my business very well pls any body help me
    i sure ur get return back with interest also . i give my all id proof and what ever u need
    this is my life , nobody can help me in my state ,pls any body help me ,
    sure i give back ur money.....
    its true ... pls beleive me , for money i never tell false , pls beleive me
    contact us ,

  9. To anyone who is reading this or can help...I need 750nz dollars to pay back an ex partner before he takes me to court in December 2010 or January 2011...which in effect would ruin my career and life as i know it. i have no other means of paying this money back and am frantically searching for full time work but it is proving very hard to come by..please email if you can help. this is a rather small sum of money but to me it is far too much and I just want to be free from this debt. Thanks.

  10. Hi. i am Natasha from Zimbabwe. our country has been hit on hard economic state these past years. please, i am a single mother of a nine year old daughter who needs abou USD500 every term for school fees and utilities. her father left us when she was 3 weeks old. i just need to raise a bit of money to get into University and to send her to school. anything will be greatly appreciated please. i have realised that in the developed world people obsess about new shoes, a handbag or hair, give a thought to the less fortunate next time before you rurchase something so expensive. God bless you in advance. thank you. my email for banking details-

  11. Hello Everyone, I am new to this and just was informed about this service. I am a 29 year old female of a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed 11 year old little boy. With the economy down at the lowest it has been in years and me with my recent job loss considering I am a full time student enrolled and on track going on my second year, I am me wits end and dont know what to do anymore. As a victim of domestic violence I left my husband of eight years about four years ago and been raising my child on my own and living comfortably thanks to the grace of god. Now after losing my job over 2 months ago I am facing eviction of our home due to rent and every month it is a struggle to keep the power and water on. I am not here asking for someone to support us but maybe to help keep our home and utilities while I continue to search for a job and go to school full time, I would be greatly appreciative of any help and even help with info on job leads and work from home opportunities if any available. I will assure that all help will be repaid and even be willing to exchange work for the help. Please consider this and if necessary can provide any supporting documents to prove my situation, Thanks so much for taking the time to read and God Bless you! April May

  12. My name is Carol and in 3 weeks I will be homeless. I went to work one day and was told that I was being fired to make some changes. I filed for unemployment but haven't received anything yet. Whatever anyone can give me will be appreciated. Right now my account is in the negative. Please help me. You can donate to my Paypal God Bless!

  13. Hi--Here is my story. First let me say that to do this is very humbling as I have never had to ask for financial assistance my entire adult life.

    I am in need of $12,000 to get back on track. My hours at work were cut, business is down and although I have skills getting a job has been absolutely difficult. This is the first time in over 20 years I have not been able to find a good job.

    I want to work--I want to contribute--just right now I am need of some assistance. Your generosity is appreciated--G-d Bless. Paypal: If we could explore a payback plan that would be amenable as well.

  14. i am in need of financial assistance am a single african woman of 4 children and 4 dependants.2 of the dependants are HIV positive and need a place to call home and enough food for their illness.right now we live in a rented house and have not paid rent for 4 months and the landlord has given me a letter of eviction if i dont pay within 2 weeks.I need $12000 to enable me have a better home and food for my email is i will reveal everything when you contact me.

  15. Hi. I am a 27 year old female in need of financial assistance. At the beginning of this year I ended up in the hospital with a very serious medical condition and in need of surgery. I was able to get the surgery but am still in need of medical care. I just can't ever seem to catch up and I have made serious budget cuts in all aspects of my life including food. I do still have a job and I am a very hard worker. It just seems I can never make enough. I hope someone reads this and is moved to help. I may be contacted at

  16. Hi my name is Josua and this is my friend Ergo Katus he lives in sweden and i whant help him by your help to donate some money to his bank account every small amount is wellcome i can absolutley say that he is a good young man in his 35 years old but he is not rich and he has no father since he was 3 years old. He lives in Seweden and about year ago he lost is work andlast news I heard that he is still without work but he trying to find work. You can send monty to Ergo Katus bank account nr is with Iban-number SE7950000000052010825381 Bic-code:ESSESESS Bank name is thanks for all help. I dont Beg to them who dont have money I beg them who has lots of money ..AMEN

  17. Used Items for Mexico & Deportees
    Have you or someone that you know been effected by the US deportations to Mexico?
    We are a family here in Tijuana that are here to help the deportees after they have been ejected or deported to Mexico.
    We help the people to find the official documents needed to get work or to use for transportation to their homes here in Mexico.
    Many come without Identification, means to claim money from family or friends or basic needs like, clothing shelter or even food.

    We help them get to the right places to get each of these necessities. We help find temporary jobs to earn bus fares and transportation monies.

    We do not provide legal immigration help but we can help the person(s) to find good sources.

    We need the donations to help with many of these services.
    We are always looking for people willing to transport the donations for free too

    Food, Money, Clothing, household items, transportation and or legal help! We can use it all.

    We need Blankets and Pillows. We also could use Scrap material and accessories to make our own. Any used sewing equipment is very much needed to repair used clothing and blankets.

  18. My name is Jessica I am 20 years old and I have 3 children.I have 2 of them in my custody.we live in a small one bedroom apartment with my dad mom and grandmother.none of us get along all we to is argue and fight with eachother all day long.its not healthy for my children nor is it healthy for myself.also my grandmother has just informed me that she put her 30 day notice in so there for me and my children will be homeless.which they do not deserve.I have only $240 coming in once a month and that don't help with the situations I am in.I also need help with getting a car somehow.that's is also one of my biggest stresses I am holding on my shoulders all of the daughter is 3 years old her name is jayden she has a disability called hydrocephilise.its a disibility having to do with her brain.she had her brain surgery at 3 days old and no she will have a shunt in her head that goes in to her stomach for the rest of her life inclusing the fact that her left leg bone does and can not grow.I am very blessed to have her with me she wasnt supposed to live.and yet I watch her as if she is a normal little fuel growing up.she has tones and tones of Dr.appointments I need to make sure she attends son is 6 months old he has phenomena at this moment that is finally going away.but he also has a lot of appointments as well.please if anyone can help me in anyway possible I woipd be so greatful.for u would touch a familys heart so deeply.

  19. My name is jess im a single mother of 2 I currently live in my car and im makeing nothin as a waitress I need 730 dallars or im not going to even have a car please if u can help me I would forever be grateful

  20. I have never done this before, asking for help. And I doubt anyone will help. I can't even get help from people that I know, let alone strangers.
    Unfortunately I am in a dire situation where I am hoping for once that someone will hear me and actually help me for no other reason than just to help a person out and just for once that person is me.
    Please help me keep my house. I know that sounds like a lot to ask for but I hoping to get enough money to pay for my mortgage until I figure out a way to pay for itself.
    Here is my story: My name is Noel, I am 38 years old and I have with severe crohn's disease that isn't well controlled by medication. I also suffer from chronic pain and get blood clots in my lungs (no one has a cause) I also suffer from severe agoraphobia and anxiety disorder.
    For the past 10 years I have been blessed to live close to a hospital and my doctors which has saved my life on many occasions.
    Unfortunately my mother, who owns the house I rent from, just retired and has decided to let the house go into foreclosure if I can not make the full mortgage payment myself and it doesn't matter to her where I end up if I can't. I was just notified about this on Saturday. I don't have a vehicle and can't afford another place and even if I did, I wouldn't be close enough to the medical services I desperately need.
    I am hoping for enough to cover it for about 6 months while I try to figure out a way to pay for it as well enough for supplies so I can start selling arts,crafts and jewelry where the profits will go to help others in need. Spreading out good will and fortune. Well, good will at the very least.
    I am willing to send anyone a thank you art card if they donate. Though I doubt my voice will be heard in this vast ocean of voices, searching for hope, searching for help.
    Even if you just read this, thank you. If you have nothing to give then just send positive energy my way. again, I humbly thank you.

  21. Hello all I got injured at work and was on workmans comp but now they are denying my claim. I am looking at surgery and I need help paying my bills and my rent so that i do not lose my home.I am currently fighting to get my medical taken care of so i can get back to work but not having any luck any help would be amazing and much appreciated. I need about 4000.00 to help keep my home and pay my medical bills

  22. Hello everyone, my name is Kaylen. Thankyou for taking out the time to read my request. Recently my husband and I split up. He was providing for our family's financial needs. I lost my job about a year back. Now my three kids and I are left without knowing how we will have food or how the bills will be paid. My oldest son recently dropped out of college to look for work. If you can help with any amount of money, please email me at

  23. I live in a small rural town. Our only bookstore closed due to poor customer service, limited selection and bad location. These things are fixable. Not only do I wish to provide this service to the community, I wish to give back to the community through the bookstore. Our banks are lending very little money, mostly to those who already have money. 3/4 of our population prefer print books from a brick and mortar store. But we have to drive nearly two hours to go to a bookstore. I don't want to open a huge store with a million books, that is too overwhelming for customers. I want to offer a friendly easy to shop store that is free of clutter and clearly marked. If I lease a storefront I only need $75000, if I buy a building there are several available in my area for 45000-60000. I don't want to get rich, I just want to sell books to people that want them. I do however want to be able to pay the bills, both the stores and mine. Thank you for your consideration. I can be reached at

  24. Hello my name is Angela. I'm taking a chance and asking for what i want. I desire to get out of debt. I know that there is more to life than worrying about bills. I'm stating my goal: to raise@ least $30,000 to pay off my credit cards and medical bills. I would like to be in a position to help somebody else. This is a hard world and we need each other to make it. Im grateful for 1.00 per person if possible!!! My paypal address is I also want to make friends in the process and offer support and ideas to help others solve their financial woes. The more people that come together it can work!!! God bless!

  25. I am 25 yaers old and still seeking purpose, i have a 3 yr old son who needs things i cant afford ive tried to find jobs doing the usual this or that but at my age with as little experience as i have it is more than hard to get hired by someone, i want to go to the red cross 6 week nursing assistant program its only 6 weeks and i was planning on paying for it with tax money but unexpectedly the money was taken for a debt from many years ago, i have no money no car and am sleeping on living floor of a friends house because of this my whole plan fell though in a city im not from with a child i cant afford for much longer, i am not one to ask for money or anything really but i could use some help here, please please contact me at thank you

  26. We are a family of seven. my fiancee and i plus five children ranging from ages 14 years to 14 months. no injuries or cancers or sick family members. In short.... we are both in nursing school, we now have no source of income, no home to call our own and are about to lose our only car which is our only transportation. we humbly ask for help in the sum of 10,000 dollars so that we can make our payments and move in together again because sadly we are apart. We would be greatful for any assistance. in fact if someone can get me a job near clifton. or patterson N.J. that would be amazing and appreciated. We are getting married June 8, 2013. Anyone who makes a large contribution i would love to have you as an honored guest. please.... i humbly beg for your assistance. any further questions i can be reached by email: / paypal . thank you and god bless.

  27. My name is Mark. I admit it. I made some really bad mistakes borrowing from the wrong people to fund my business. But I really don't want to die over it or bring harm to my family. I am good at what I do (life insurance) and sell very well. But they have buried me under interest, ruined my credit, caused me to drain my bank accounts and given me what seems to be a severe blood pressure problem. I need a loan of $50,000 to pay them off to have my freedom again as the pressure is too much and it has affected my whole family. It is a lot of money to get this paid and back on my feet. Please help me get a second chance. I am a good person and I believe I deserve a second chance. I will be most grateful to anyone for any amount they can give. My paypal address is and I will personally reply to send you a thousand thanks for any help!


  28. I'm not one to beg, but Its getting to that point where I have no other option. I'm trying to save for my wedding but with prices rising it becomes harder as the months fly by. I live an honest life and try helping as much as I can to get a bit extra. I have no one else to turn to. So I ask for your help.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Email address is

  29. My name is Kyle i recently lost work and my family and i have become homeless because of the fact. We need $4,000 dollars to get a place for us and our three and a half year old child to live and to make it through the winter as we live in Maine and the temps are getting into the 20's now. If anyone can help every little thing counts My cellphone number is 207-213-5909. Thank You and God bless

  30. Hello to the WWW! I'M Venus, a 31 year old single mom in wny. I been working full time for the last 9 years in a nursing home. I own my home and have never been on welfare because I make too much. To be denied help when your really struggling sucks and I count my blessing daily. I have fallen behind in utilities due to sacrificing for my car payment. I have a car note because my car through child and family services was totaled, I had to get a car even though I didn' t need an extra bill, i had no choice. I still owe 2500 on it. My utilites are only 1 mos past due, need at least 1200 to catch up. I try to think positive and believe that we all go through storms but yet the sun will shine. I have no stove for thanksgiving but am thankful for family and friends. My daughter never asks for anything and yet remains happy even in trying times. I'm not lazy, I am humble and appreciative and realize that I can't get out of this alone. If there is anything, anyone can do for me please contact and feel free to spare from the heart. Thank you

  31. I hate to beg but I do not know what else to do.I have been trying to get a job for months! My fiance Doug is in prison until Feb 11 2013 and his case mgr is so hateful he is trying to make him go back to south dakota where he was sentenced and we live in WA state! I am so poor I am on welfare (food stamps)and if i dont find a job immediately I am going to lose everything including my place to live. we are supposed to be getting married on feb 14 2013. I cant believe I cant find a job to save my life. I even tried selling my ass and that isnt working and I am NOT ugly. I need $200 to pay my bills by Nov.30th.Can someone please help me?or help me with a job? 253.581.2021 or 253 282 8800 (no texts to cell) I am a female.

  32. PLEASE READ: I met the love of my life, but she lives across the world in Australia. I've been planning on getting a partner visa for a long time and am going to apply very soon. I've always been so stressed about being approved for the visa because you have to prove you've been seriously together for a year. I never even thought to see how much it is to apply until recently. Well a partner visa is about $4000 apparently. When I saw that my heart sank. I was gutted. I'm currently jobless. I've applied for over 100 jobs in the last few months, but haven't been able to land one. Needless to say we don't have $4000. We don't have connections where we can borrow $4000. We don't even have a credit card that will hold $4000.
    So here goes.. I'm asking for help. I've never done anything like this and it's very embarrassing. If you can help in any way I would be beyond thankful. If you could donate please do so to my Paypal at Yes I am begging for money. Even $1 would be so appreciated.
    I'm also going to try selling anything I don't need to live. Just FYI my gf does not know I am doing this. I didn't tell her what I found in my research. She is always stressing about money and if she knew about the visa cost, I think it'd kill her. I know there are tons of people who are in much worse situations than I am, but I am desperate. PLEASE HELP. Thank you to those who read this whole post. Feel free to email me. I welcome questions and/or advice.

  33. I'm a 26 year old african woman with 3 Kids and need interntional help urgently this is not a lie, please E-mail my brother on,

  34. Hello, my name is Gary & I'm an ARMY veteam. After 2 tours in Afghan and 1 in Iraq I decided to get out. After my term I went home to raise a family. Upon arrival in Georgia we stayed with family until we found a perfect house so we took the money we had saved & put a down payment on a home. I started work so my wife could return to school to finish her degree as a LPN. It was all great until the day life as we knew it had changed forever. On March 16, 2013, Cassidy went to my moms and we left for the OB/GYN doctor to find out the sex of our child. We never imagined that we wouldn't make it to our destination after what happened next. While on our way there a towtruck doing 60 mph hit the driver siDE of our vehicle. I had to be air lifted with life threatening injuries. After being stabilized my family was told i was alive but I had a long road to recovery. I had 3 surgeries in the next 24 hours. 2 days after the wreck i finally woke up with no memory of what happened. When she seen I was awake she told me she loved me as she kissed my cheek. She helped Cassidy give me a kiss then layed her down on the bed beside me. I asked if her & the baby were okay. She started to cry as told me what happened but assured me that she had only minor scrapes & bruises. Shortly after her Exam she was released but told to see her OB/GYN doctor. She went the next morning & our baby was completely unharmed. She was ordered to spend the rest of her pregnancy in bed to help the baby. I asked the extent of my injuries but she had already gotten so upset she wasn't able to talk about it. She went & got my Dr with the list of my injuries. I had internal bleeding caused by 4 broken ribs. My back was broken in two places, my left arm and shoulder were crushed & my left leg was broken. I suffered from a severe concussion and bleeding on my brain. I was split down the middle of my face, between my eyes, down to my lip needing 36 stitches. The doctors tried to fix my back & shoulder but it still isn't fixed. After 28 days I came home to start physical therapy. Ive made great progress & keep getting better daily. With my injuries I lost the ability to work & provide for my family. My lawyer told me not to work until my Neurologist said i was able, so my income seized. After the wreck we were broke except for some stock I owned so I sold it at 31% lost to get food. Brandy got a job so we'd have income. We went to Family & Children Services & got food stamps & health benefits on the kids. That & her income isn't enough to live on. We lost all luxuries like cable, internet & phone. Over 600,000 in Dr bills & I still visit the Dr often. The truck wasn't insured since it was being fixed & test drove when the wreck happened so Even tho they were at fault they are financially unable to pay anything. I hired a lawyer & he filed suit against the towing company but can be 2 years before the case is settled & I get anything for bills & pain & suffering. He has helped with some costs of therapy, doctor visits and RX meds. Every bit helps since we are unable to pay our bills & put gas in the car. We go deeper in debt everyday. Me nor my wife use tobacco or alcohol, were God fearing, church going people needing help with cost of living such as groceries, utilities and gasoline. Any help is greatly needed. If able to help please send funds to on Paypal. Thanks and God Bless you all.
    Gary Brandy Cassidy & Abigail

  35. Hello my name is markita i am a single mother and i was laid off from my job i just need to help to pay my bills until i can find another job if anyone can please find it in their hearts to help me out i only need $500.00 my email is i am willing to pay anyone back with interest once i get back on my feet i only have 1 day to come up with my rent money please help me

  36. An amazing testimony on a spell caster who brought my wife back to me.. My name is Micheal WEinrich i live in Australia,and I`m happily married to a lovely and caring wife,with two kids A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife so terrible that she took the case to court for a divorce she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she did not love me anymore So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never wanted to see me again. So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my wife So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my wife back,is to visit a spell caster,because it has really worked for her too So i never believed in spell,but i had no other choice,than to follow her advice. Then she gave me the email address of the spell caster whom she visited. So the next morning,i sent a mail to the address she gave to me,and the spell caster assured me that i will get my wife back the next day what an amazing statement!! I never believed,so he spoke with me,and told me everything that i need to do. Then the next morning, So surprisingly, my wife who did not call me for the past seven {5}months,gave me a call to inform me that she was coming back So Amazing!! So that was how she came back that same day,with lots of love and joy,and she apologized for her mistake,and for the pain she caused me and my children. Then from that day,our relationship was now stronger than how it were before,by the help of a spell caster . So, i will advice you out there to kindly visit the same website if you are in any condition like this,or you have any problem related to "bringing your ex back. So thanks to the Voodoo for bringing back my wife,and brought great joy to my family once again. Thanks... his website,

  37. First i would like to thank God for this great men and women who use their resources to assist mankind,may you live a long and healthy , glory,wealthy,happiness, prosperity life.

    Dear Sir, madam

    Thank you for reading my letter and I hope it finds you well. I have been following you for a long time and have seen all your philanthropic efforts and endeavors’ to help people in need.

    I am writing this letter so you can extend your helping hand to me.Unfortunately I have fallen on hard times and have exhausted all avenues to find financial assistance.
    My name is Mahesh s.p I am 30 year old gentleman I am suffering from chronic kidney failure I am taking Hemo dialysis treatment weekly 3 times from 22-2-2008. I am the only one son for my parents now I am planning for kidney Transplantation it costs 3.00.000 RS. at least small amount of 1000, 2000, 5000 RS PLEASE SEND SO THAT I CAN LEAVE FOR MORE WEEK BY TAKING DIALYSIS, PLEASE, I and my family people are not in a position to arrange that big amount please help me for god sake. I am enclosing all my medical records, photos, YouTube videos’ ETC and my residential address and bank details is

    E MAIL:

    mobile no : 9964771881


    S/o S Y Panduranga Rao
    Banashankari Extension.
    Arasikere 573103 (Taluk).
    Hassan Dist.
    Karnataka State
    ( INDIA ) country.

    Bank name: SYNDICATE BANK.
    Account NO: 14022200075587
    ISFC code: SYNB0001402
    Branch name: Banavara branch,
    Arasikere Taluk.
    Hassan Dist.Karnataka State INDIA

    I really believe that with your help I can get myself out of disease, poverty and into prosperity, I am willing to go on your show to show people how a helping hand can really change people lives.I really look forward to hearing from you & thank you for your time.

    Regards MAHESH S.P


  38. lizzy The love of my life dumped me a while ago and I could not get back into any shape mentally. I love him so much I could not think, eat, talk, or walk without the ache in my heart and the thoughts in my head that were about him and the guilt I feel at cheating on him. I so wish that I could have changed the clock back and never to have experienced the raw lesson of adultery. He was so angry when he found out. Yes quite right. I am guilty. I did not think of an outcome.dr olokun temple has helped me so much. Firstly to move the big breaks in my heart and to see all things differently. Then to ease my way through a different door in my head. He made me realize my self respect and understand the reason I have done such a thing to hurt my husband.I now believe in the powers of dr olokun temple as my husband has said we could work things out. Thank thank you very much

  39. I had to flee my home with my children due to domestic violence, because I was employed I found little help, I worked but we managed by living month to month.3 week's after this I lost my job in sales due the amount of time I have had off due to physical bruising. I lost my car as it was a company car, after a month my mum told us we needed leave as she couldn't afford to keep us, housing said that they would award me a bond scheme and pay my first months rent to a private landlord. Twice I found somewhere, twice the landlord backed out due to the Council raking too long. After I was made unemploymeed The council decided to award me band 3 homelessness....they deactivated my home choice bidding until I could prove I was in receipt of benefits, I wasn't entitled to benefits until work had paid all my sick pay.
    To help speed up the process . Stayed in a refuage separated from my teenage boys because it was for women only.
    This was supposed to be for 6 weeks only.
    6 weeks came and went I had a case worker from northern arc assigned to help me with coming to terms with everything. She is honestly fantastic. But can only do so much. I left the refuge and me and the children went to stay at with a friend in her 2 bedroom flat which alread. Housed her and her son, this should of moved us to band 2 at housing as we were overcrowded, the stress of everything was becoming to much and when the council turned down the banding award and Sau. It would be based on my original application for fleeing domestic violence and I would ve in this situation for possibly months or stay in a bed and breakfast by this time I was diagnosed with depression and seeing Bristol intensive mental health team every day.
    I tried to apply for jobs, having Been a retail manager for 12 years, I didn't think it would be that hard, but I needed to get me back, I needed to be brave for the children, the debts started mounting not much but enough to worry about, and I was hospitalized with ill health pericarditis... All this proved to ve to much for my eldest son and 3 weeks ago he took a 60 paracetamol overdose with a bottle of vodka. I was devastated, I'd let him down.
    Luckily my sob pulled through,I was still in contact with the council and told them about this I begged practically for a home. In the end I wad reffered to shelter for legal support, they too have also been so good in dealing with the council.
    For my childrens safety I sent them back with family members I thought somewhere safe and grounded would make them feel better. I was reffered to a crisis centre to help in handling my mental stress.
    Still fighting Bristol city council 7 months on, still without a home, my children now have to stay separately, I am away from them, and all I want is a home somewhere. I'm being honest...£1150 of debt has amountted, I can apply for gr'ants to help with a house when we finally get one, but as December 1st is 2 day's away I am beginning to panic even more, we don't need a great Christmas, but the kids do need something, just for wat they have been through, I have also tried applying for loans, you need a guarantor, payday loans offer no more than a couple of hundred and none of my Amazing family are in the position to help. So I am asking if you can please just help me....I am doing all I can for myself I have logged complaint after complaint and contacted my local m.p, I and I will fight this all the way, but please would you be so kind just to help us for now £4000 is wat I am looking for, cover debts, private rent and a few things for the house, the rest on the kids for Christmas. I know I am a stranger to you and you my think why should I?? Because I mean this when I say it, you will save my life literally, I have thought about it but I can't let those kids down. But I can't let them see that the one person who should protect them from everything is the one person who cannot provide for them. I can provide u evidence if you wish I honestly don't mind!, please call 07419114862

  40. My father is diabetic since 2002 and he also encounter 1st mild stroke. This happen in Philippines. Until now his diabetes still exist for the year 2015.

    I would everybody across the globe would read and understand the content of my comment.

    I would be looking for a kind person who would like to help me whether you are rich or wealthy people; anonymous philantropist; or people who would like to donate wholeheartedly.

    If anyone could help , it would be deeply appreciated.

    Please be kind enough and I need your cooperation.

    My paypal account is for sending donations to me globally.

    This is a true to life situation.


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